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    How to get Wiimote users to buy CoD: Ghosts. (A simple solution to any dev that visits here)

      Black Ops II became a wasteland for people trying to use the Wiimote seriously because Treyarch didn't bother to properly playtest with it (you couldn't adjust sensitivity and the cursor jumped across the screen while aiming) and Duel Analog controllers enjoyed the most powerful aim assist of any Call of Duty game to date, which gave them an overwhelming advantage over the already gimped Wiimote. The end result was predictable as traditional controllers managed to outclass wiimote users at every level outside of the top.


      Don't repeat this mistake.


      Personally I like to see a return to lag shooting over lag compensation, but the deal breaker for me (and a lot of other pertinacious people who stuck with the Wiimote.) is to see the same sort of system from Black Ops II be used for Ghosts. So please, make sure the wiimote is properly tested to function and reduce Aim assist, at least for the WiiU version since there are multiple controller types as opposed to the 360/PS4 and a proper balance needs to be stuck.


      Thank you.