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    How do I get ride of lag?

      I am suffering from massive lag, I am getting one shotted from every guns in the game. I turn a coner then go back behind a hardbrick wall cover but im still taking damage. I shoot someone and I aim dead on target and i die. straight away i dont stand a chance in killing someone in a head to head battle even if my guns stronger and better range. I am getting stressed out coz people think I'm ****, I have many saved gameplays to show overwise, some my best game plays are 49 Kills to 4 deaths, 35 kills to 0 deaths, 42 kills to 1 death and I have... well had a 3K/D before, but its getting worse and I just cant play anymore because of this, please help me


      p.s. I have a trolling account on the same system but it seems to lag a little less. I joined a game got most kills and a 5 K/D with B23R on hardcore, I never play hardcore but yet i did well. maybe theres a connection erroe with my main account?


      p.p.s Im not intrested in tones of links so please dont reply with them

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