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    Ghosts Freefall Preorder Listed for the U?


      Hey, nice to see this game finally confirmed for us


      I probably wont be buying this game for the U if there is no DLC confirmed or anything of the sort. However, this site posting made me hesitate.




      This is likely the same situation that happened to Nuketown 2025 and Black Ops 2, but, dare i say it, i have faith in Infinity Ward this time around. Thoughts?

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          Free fall is listed for the Wii u version on Gamestop's website. I don't know if it is true or not though, as they also have the ghost camo listed for the wii u version.

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            For the time being, until there's an official confirmation through their twitter or something, or Wii U appears as a platform on the pre order list (on the website), i'd proceed with caution. Amazon did the same thing by accident if i recall. This could be another mix up or something, so i wouldn't get excited. Just quietly watch for that moment when its truth value is revealed


            if (true)


            printf("Great job Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Activision. You guys brought DLC to Wii U!");




            printf("Boo. This sucks");