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    Treyarch, regarding aim assist/Dual Analog


      Treyarch devs, if you read these forums, if you decide to nerf DA assist, can you please not go overboard like with the MW3 CCP?


      I understand it probably has to be toned down to achieve balance and make the game fairer for Wiimote players but there was way too little assist in MW3, the MW3 CCP always turned too slow or too fast, and it was overly difficult at times to hit moving/far away targets. I'm not asking for an aimbot, but just enough assist so the controls are smooth but not too much where it artificially enhances a player's skill like BO2.



      Also, any chance that the sensitivity options from BO2 could return? It's great having 40 sensitivities and the ability to turn look acceleration on/off.

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          It's  like you're almost, just almost, admitting that the aim assit in BLOPS 2 was too much.  I know I use the wii remote, but I serioulsy have an unbiased opinion.  I just want balance. I think it was just a tad much in BLOPS 2.  The DA aim assist was just a little too strong.  It wasn't a big deal after they fixed the wii remote.  Honestly I'm ok with it.  I'm good enough that it doesn't matter (no bragging.  I'm not conceited, but I know I'm good), but there were a few aspects of it that caused some BS deaths.  I won't go over it again.  You know what they are.  I've discussed it before.  It was close to being balanced, but just not quite there. 


          I hope they do what you ask.  Not everyone can use the wii remote.  I understand that.  I just want an even playing ground so to speak.  I want balance.  The DA controllers were easier to use in my opinion.  Maybe they should be. I would be fine if they left it the way it was and just took out the BS, but I would prefer they did a little more than that.  The Wii remote only had any kind of advantage when you were using a one hit kill, or one burst kill, weapon in Black Ops 2.  That was it and ONLY if you used the aim assist. Otherwise there is no advantage that I can see and how well you do is based solely on how well you can aim.   The fact that they had to buff the wii remote that much, and it only applied to those situations, should speak volumes.    Aiming through walls and that whole 180 lock on deal that you don't believe in was crap.  It does happen.  It doesn't happen often, but everytime it does it's a BS death.  And some people abuse the crap out of the aiming through walls deal.  It shouldn't be in the game.  There's no arguing that.  DA needs aim assist.  Period.  It just does.  It doesn't need what it had in this game though.  No trolling.  Not trying to start and argument. That's just my opinion that I came up with after testing it throughly.  I'm basically agreeing with you.  It should be toned down some, but not too much.  The game wouldn't be fun if they nerfed the heck out of it.

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            hallelujah brother!....finally you give up...3arc needs to keep the wiimoters happy.


            Look I was fine wiimoting with both BO1 and MW3 on the Wii  (in both I could hardsnipe and SMG with the same setups very effectively)...pick any of their control schemes and let's be friends ok?

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              Isn't Aim Assist for Dual Analog similar between all console versions of Call of Duty? Sure, it could be nerfed, but the real problem is getting the Wii Remote controls right on the first try.

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                Why do you need aim assist, and are you sure you couldn't just adapt in MW3??

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                  Aim assist a smudge over mw3 for DA, no aimassist for wiimote unless the controles are poorly set up. Op aimassist for wiimotes screwed up balance more than the weak da aimassist

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                    I say keep aim assist exactly as it is right now except there should be no aim assist for either control scheme when using a weapon that's capable of 1SK.