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    How I want to see COD

      simple lag comp, if something is ******* it up, remove it. I heard people point to a feature that is screwing it up, forget what, but if there is something that adds artificial lag to a very time/lag sensative game, it is ALWAYS in the best interest to remove it.


      all you really need is the host's delaying the action he sees by whatever the ping/delay is from said player, if a player is pinged at 50ms, he lags behind that much, no more, the hosts consul delays only what he sees by 50ms. players should not need any lagcomp between eachother since there lag to eachother should be equal, as for host it waits to accomidate lag from the other player to register a kill, should be less than 50ms unless its a great connection vs a virtualy nonexistant connection. the only other thing that needs to be added to this is hitdetection/no lag shooting. There should be no delay to actions ingame, as seen by ruffly 100-150ms of lag on local games/lan that are added to lag in BO2. remove as much of that as possible, it shouldnt account to more than 10ms. I do not even know Y it is there in the first place.


      2. map design. i will not say focus on any spacific thing. i will that there should be no distanct characteristic defining the maps as a whole, except the avridge size being noticably bigger than MW3 and BO2 maps. some maps allowing for almost everyplaystile you can come up with(if anything has the majority, it is this), some maps that allow primarly long range action, some large andn mazy, some (no more than 2) that are MW3/BO2 style maps, some that are ruffly openish, ect. Do not let anything restrict what you can do with maps, dont make them all squares/circles like MW3. this approch will give distinct favorits maps, and will give the game a longer life, improve the quality, appeal to a larger audiance, and will become a 20-30doller game alot slowler.


      3. spawning, spam spawnpoints, dont be afraid to make corners, corners make perfect spawnpoints, lots of spawnpoints give lots of options, corners/ect give lots of safer places to spawn. better map design andn updates for quick deaths/spots/ect to upgrade spawning issues.


      4. dont hinder any playstile, except those that seem to fit very well with the 'skill' or 'showoff' playstiles. those should be hindered so that they actualy take skill, andn therefor, fill there role as a skill playstile. this includes pistol only users andn quickscoper/trickshoters, both were way to easy and became a abuse, make them take ALOT of skill, it will cut down on it and remove some of the noob reputation behind it. as for other playstiles that arnt skill based, dont hinder them unless well there is a very OP setup for that playstile. let people camp, RnG, or any of the other 'other' playstiles, no OP setups, like scavanger+claymore and 'worm' camping classes, but dont try to prevent camping, this hinders the game for everyone, including those who never camp, like making hte game duller, andn hurting spawning, andn map design. dont hinder RnG, but dont premote it. some maps should favor other playstiles but dont try to stop RnG.


      5. balance, this will be seperated into groups.

      5.1: perks, most screwed up balance in COD. i dont care which creat a class system youo use, you got to balance it. PS i recemend BO2 create a class/scorestreaks. no SP/jug/ect. perks. ghost should not be moveonly, ghost if a stronger perk for its tier should lose effectiveness if 2+UAV's are up. but id rather nerf it by nerfing UAV. blindeye/coldblooded should stay seperate. hardline should work like it does in BO2. awarness/setrep pro should be usefull, but only slightly, DS/awarness should cancel eachother out. foot steps should be hear able but quite, footsteps should ignoor headsets if possible.


      5.2streaks. 1. use BO2 system. make kills worth 100(with all streaks worth less, but kills worth less in objective modes), or kills worth 125-150 in TDM/FFA modes.  UAV should be seperated into personal/team UAV. personal should be the standered 3 kills, team should be worth ruffly 5-6 kills. CUAV should be worth 1 less than team UAV. this would cut down on the spam, nerf ghost for you, and fix the OP streak. other streaks like carepackage starting at 4-5 kills for this setup.  streaks in general need to be balanced better, for example hellstorm scattershot should be random, not homming, so a possibilty for more kills, but a chance at none, while normal shots are guarnteed to hit were you want them, unless you miss anyway, andn have a larger explosion. high SS should be hard to kill, VTOL in BO2 died to easily to RPG's andn similar, should be 4 rockets to kill, 3+ direct hits from a RPG. 5 hits if youo add blackhats. make AC130 if it returns on par with the MW2 version.


      5.3guns, variance between guns need to exist, guns should balance themselfs(low clip+higher DPM(Damage per miniute/aka killspeed), kick+higherDPM, largemaps+pinpointaccressy=low DPM, semiauto 1: quick as you want but weak, 2, strong but a max fire speed.) AR's should be all puprose but outpreformed by every class in there respective areas. AR's should be most common in the game overall since they can be used to decent effect in all maps. SMG's close range, more kick, ect, LMG's highers DPM for fullautos(except SMG's at shotgun ranges), but slow ADS, slow runspeed, and usualy 1 other issue depending on the LMG like low clip/high kick/ mix/ ect. snipers as normal snipers or QS for those taht have the skill(aka BO post patch difficulty), shotguns be short range, no long range ability, very effective in ruffly 1/4th-1/5th the maps. slow pump speed/bolt speeds, makes misses/hitmarks often mean death for these weapons.  pistols should be noticably weaker weaker than primaries, never used as primaries, no machine pistols, unless they are weak SMG's and nothing more, rocket launchers are fine as secondaries. have low killspeed, ruffly BO speed, this killspeed places skill before most things. dont be affraid to use bad sights on some guns.


      5.4 explosives. grenades should stick to grenades, no C4, C4 should be a mine, high explosive radius, longer deploy time, and no imediat explosion, if imediat explosion is possible it should always kill the player that used the C4, throw range should be about on par with the knife range. claymore/betties should be usefull but weaker than C4. claymores should be more directional, betties dodgeable and lower range, but higher total area of effect. noobtubes should be on par with BO noobtubes, rocketlaunchers were also fine in BO.


      5.5 sensery. no issue if youo have scrambler or anything like that. motion sensers should be placed like in BO but not give a red dot, give a blurred general area, or a 60-90 degree direction of detected players, the area should not place the player did center of it eather, but randomly in the area, it should only zero in a exact spot if the player is sitting still.


      5.6 secondary grenades: id wish for no flash but i know that wont happen. no mine secondaries(shock charges). effects should ware off quickly, making them usefull for imediat use and rush in. but not much else, tactical mask should make you 100% immune to them.


      5.7knifing+riotsheild. knifing should have realistic lunge and animation, do it in real life if you have too. shotguns should be the only reall knife sheild, bullets should be able to slow down the animation but not guarintee to stop the knife. remove the press stick to knife, would remove the whole panic knifing issue. riot shield should be 2 hit kill and be able to walk and run faster then every other setup.


      5.8 aimassist. nerf it to BO quality at max, prefferably a little less. dont make it help higher sensativities to much eather. PC should have no aimassist for keyboardmouse and weaker aimassist for sticks(weaker than 360), PS3 should have enough aimassist for move to keep up with normal controls. wiiU should have weak aimassist overall, pretty much same as PC, possibly less do to wiimote difficulty, use gyro+IR controls for wiimote, have a eather/or option as well(PS3 is only giro, good for some games but worse overall for FPS).


      5.9 deathstreaks, DO NOT PUT IN DEATH STREAKS.


      6. each version. 360=PS3. PC higher graphics, ect. wiiU/xbox1/PS4 should have only the season package DLC, no individual DLC's, this prevents fracturing of the playerbase. the install base will be low on all 3 of these consuls, 4+ DLC's will only make it worse. port wiiU version from the xbox1 version, this is the closest archetecture to wiiU so should run the better than porting from any other, i do expect asset nerfs unless you actualy optimize this early on . xbox1 andn PS4 should run fine, maiby add dinamic maps/ect to next gen versions, other other features to try to avoid getting htem hindered by 360/PS3 versions.


      7.use statistics based nerfs, the only thing stoping the community from not using most guns should be the level up system. nerf/buff guns accordinly.

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          Re: How I want to see COD

          less lag (would be nice if we got dedicated servers, but despite being filthy rich, Infinity Ward AND Treyarch are too greedy to spend money on them


          Better balance (no more across map shotguns, quickscoping up the butt, certain weapons being head and shoulders above their counterparts, etc)


          no more handholding attachments (target finder, heartbeat sensors, scanners, etc)


          more of a cost for equipment like claymores, bouncing betties, shockcharges, etc (cod4 handled this nicely by making things like this take up a perk slot)


          More maps like COD4 and Black Ops 1


          Another beta. Seriously, we haven't had one since WaW. I know most people just use them to play the games early, but they can seriously help out. Don't be arrogant, IW. You WILL have many problems at launch we could've caught and done away with before release




          Like multiple attachments and being able to make our own emblems. Keep the emblems, IW, but continue making the cards with silly titles on them. I hate how black ops 1 and 2 don't have them. (Just no more weed puns)

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            Re: How I want to see COD

            First of all, IW/Treyarch aren't greedy as you think. It's Activision that makes the most money, they are the publishers and oweners of the franchise, the developers are hired and get payed a salary. And yes, I am sure that they get bonuses for selling many copies, nut Activision is responsible to the budget and I am pretty srue that they are the ones to decide wethere they want to fund dedicated servers or not.


            Second, lag compensation has always been and will always be there. Mark Rubin/David Vonderhar aren't sitting in their chair with their legs up on the coffee table with a red button that says: Disable Lag Compensation". No. If it wasn't for lag comp, you would have had to aim ahead of your enemy to sort of 'guesstimate' where your enemy is, because the hit box and the character weren't have been tied together. And I'm not saying that there is nothing to be done about lag comp, the hit detection and cnnection in BO2 are terrible, I'm just saying that it's not doable with the press of a button. With that being said, MW2 had the best connection/hit detection, and they shuold try to return to what it used to be.


            QS shouldn't be in the game, I am really sick of this arguement, they are long range support rifles, not shotguns. If you want to kill someone in 1 shot quite often in CQB, go play with a shotgun. Snipers are ment to pick people off at a distance while rotating between suitable positions. Shotguns are niche weapons as well, being weapons for CQB only. I have absoulutly no problem with the Remington in BO2, I think that people say it is OP just because all of the maps are clusterred and cluttered and most of the engagements are in CQB, which sort of makes shotguns all purpose waepons instead of niche weapons. If the maps were designed better, with more diversed playstyle avaialbe and engagements, shotguns weren't considered OP as they are now. As for the KSG-12, I have lots of fun using it. It is not OP, IMO, but I do think that it's range is a little bit redicioules. They could make it 75% of the range it is now. And I wish for no long-barell attachment/range profiencey. Think of it like this: If shotguns in MW2 were primaries instead of secondaries, was the Spas-12 OP? I don't think so, it would just be an excellent weapon. The AA-12? nope. Dual 1887s? Maybe. M1014? Abosulutly not. MW2 shotguns were perfect if they were primaires, as secondaries, they are OP.



            Cold Blodded and Blind Eye should be one Perk, IMO. It just doesn't make sense that you must equip 2 Perks just to be immune to enemy air support, when the invisinblity to a UAV isn't there. It should be like in MW3 in the sense that Blind Eye counters enemy air support, and Assasin counters the UAV. All of the rest of the perks that the Assasin Perk has to offer, such as immunity to C-UAV and EMP etc. should be in another Perk. And of course the uav-invisiblity-perk shuold work like Ghost in BO2, but it should also affect you when you are scoped in with a sniper rifle.

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                Re: How I want to see COD

                You do realize, in reality shotguns have quite a bit of range even with buckshot, but to balance it they reduce it. Plus, the KSG in BO2 fires slugs, not buckshot. Essentially, it fires one big bullet, so of course it'll have more range than the others.

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                    Re: How I want to see COD

                    Yes, I am aware that in real life shotguns can reach much further than in CoD, and yes, I do realize that it's a balancing isuse, i've never said that shotguns should have less range, apart from the KSG. When I said that I don't want a long barrel attachment/range proficency is because I want them to be built in to the shotgun if necessary. If not, we don't need it. E.g Spas-12 (MW2) doesn't need a range proficency. As for the KSG, I know it fires slugs and I know it is supposed to have longer range, so make it longer than most of the other shotguns, but not super extremly long.

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                    Re: How I want to see COD

                    You only understood part of the argument, i said essentialy improvelagcomp, my discription said keep the thing for not shooting ahead and use minimul artificial things that add to lag.

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                    Re: How I want to see COD


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