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    my best round did not count :(

      On the PS3 version I was playing TDM on Overflow, I destroyed the other team ending with a 30/4 kill count and after the round I moved up from level 39 to level 40, after the round and back in the lobby I quit to the main menu to get a drink only to comeback and find im level 39 again and the round did not save in theater.


      I wanted to save the video too


      this would have to happen on the best round I have ever had

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          Re: my best round did not count :(

          Did you quit before the killcam & scoreboard?

          I always wondered if that was dangerous just in case your game doesn't count. I always stay until it takes me back to the lobby where I quit, or not.

          I notice a lot of people are quitting before the final killcam.

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