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    [BOC] Black October Clan is recruiting!!!!! [PS3]

      Mission Statement:


      Black October was created in October 2010 as a casual group looking to bring together like-minded gamers who are looking for more than just a clan. We are a web community founded on the belief that a clan exists solely for the benefit of its members. Black October strives to ne a fair, poll driven organization servicing our membership. We strive to provide a quality gaming experience that goes beyond gaming and also supply a webpage where our members can share their ideas, experiences, interests, and tactics, as well as providing them with an enviromnment that is member driven. Without our members, we are nothing. Welcome to Black October, Rise of a New Dawn!


      We are currently recruiting for our Black Ops 2 division. We tend to focus mainly on Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Harpoint, Domination, and Demolition. For all that are interested in joining, please visit our website at www.blackoctoberclan.com.


      Must be atleast 13 years old.


      Must have a working mic.


      Must be able to attend weekly practices.



      Black October Clan

      Black Ops 2 Division