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    Trending and popular things

      How do you get an emblem trending or popular? I've always wondered how i'll scroll through to see what people like, and there'll be an emblem that says "100 Likes And I'll Reset" or something along those lines as a Most Popular or Trending . Do people just beg others in lobbies to like their emblems or something?

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          Re: Trending and popular things

          You just have to make them really good I guess, or very simple (Some people just plop a lone gorilla face down and use it.)  I've seen someone make a wolf in front of a moon, and it looked like he painted it. My emblem most likely won't be popular.  It's just an album cover of a band I like, and I made it in like 5 mins. This is what it looks like.


          I dount mine will become popular, and I hope it doesn't.  Emblems should be unique, and reflect the individual.  If I see that emblem of the sign of a person in a wheelchair with a gun, I'm going to flip out.  Mine is unique, personal, and has its own special meaning to it.


          I'm sure you really don't care, but I felt I needed to share that with you.

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