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    Horrible lag and recent match not showing with boosters?

      So I'm a casual COD player. I just don't have the free time to play like most of you. I usually play at night, and have no probems with lag or boosters.


      Well tonight, its the exact opposite, lag in every game, and I finally came across some boosters.


      The lag is... well what can you do. I just do my best and keep going. The boosters? I break it up, and then plan to report. The problem is, there is no recording of that game, and it doesn't show in my recent matches... WTH? My memory isn't that good. How am I supposed to report these d-bags if it looks like it never happened?


      The funny thing is I ranked up during this match, and unlocked quite a few guns. How do I have these unlocks, but it doesn't show in my recent matches? Can boosters now cover their tracks?