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    Internet Disconnections

      I was wondering how many players get disconnected on here from their ISP not providing a always online connection?


      I have Cox Communications and I get disconnected everyday around the same time.  I have been getting the run around too. They first told me it was my modem. I then traded that out(Twice) After finding it wasn't my modem.  They told me it could be a splitter. I bypassed everything.  Router,splitter still same problem.  A Technician came out after they threatened me with a fee, if they find out it was on my end. He checked the box outside.  He said it was a problem with the main line and the connection to my modem was clear. Although he wanted to do a hardline drop from the box to my home? What idiots. 


      After all that and going through more that I will not bore you guys with. That's just to sum it up.  After all that I figure it has something to do with the heat and them not wanting to fix the problem because it cost to much so if you're getting disconnected from zombies. It maybe your connection check your modems lights.


      I thought at first it was the Treyarch Servers but it seems to be a more serious problem.


      I read somewhere that it has something to do with google and it's more than just Cox ISP and that it extends to other providers but that just maybe an excuse to not have to fix it? 


      Does anyone here know what this problem is so I can once again play long games on zombies?

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