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    just overtook x1 furoms.

      wiiU furoms overtook Xbox1 furoms in thread count and is getting much more daily attention, almost on par with general discusions depending on when you get on.


      can we get more info andn up to date stuff, and atleast actualy get the wiiU logo up on the discusions thing.


      xbox1 at 39, wiiU at 40 at the time of this post.

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          Thanks to xSincarax Pretty sure hes made alot of the threads on the first page here. If discussions continue, and newer threads are being made, then that would be quite interesting to see WIi U remain high in thread count compared to prevous CoD titles.

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            This is a great forum. Only reason we are ahead of other platforms is becuase they are enjoying all the DLC making their game that much more fun and fresh.

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                Agreed.  It's so good to see respectful debate amongst users and I've read a whole lot from most of the posts in the Wii U section that have been enlightening and surprisingly entertaining.


                I'm in no way saying that the other communities are "spammy" or juvenile.  I've browsed through and seen some witty and informative posts and the Wii U section has its own share of....somewhat pointless posts and threads.


                It just kinda feels that, as percentages go, the Wii U community feels that little more grown up.  Not bad for a platform that carries the label of "kiddy".


                Here's hoping that with more traffic comes more attention from all communities and a more equal serving of supporting goodness.

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                surpassed PS4, and PC.


                would be impressed if it sells better on wiiU than PS4/X1. but when youo consider there is more FPS competition on PS4/X1 andn a similar and likly lower initial installrate it may be possible. the initial instal rate though will probly last for 1-3 months though.

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                  "Hey look at us Wii U users.  Look over here Infinity Ward.  We are important too."