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    What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

      I've been wanting to post about this for a while now but never really knew how to approach this idea.


      I find that Core modes are actually pretty softcore. The bullets to kill seem very high, the game plays out like a Looney Tunes episode where people walk away from explosions and get lit up with rounds but still function as if they were never phased. The most HC aspect of core modes is the length of time you're exposed to stuns and flashes. Outside of that though you're Superman.


      So what if Core modes were a bit more risky?


      To continue with my themes on making Call of Duty more mature I would like you guys to dabble over this concept with an open mind. Even if you don't agree with the pricniple pretend that you do just for the sake of debate. Have a positive attitude about this idea and let's see where it goes.


      I posted a few of these concepts on the Ghosts forum but it seemed to have a really poor reception. From what I've found the posters on Ghosts are the genre of players we've been so gratefully discussing over the last week. The fact is the majority of players want a fast paced game that rewards players for doing well and turns a blind eye to players who are reckless and careless. This is why we see gameplays of players running into 1 v 4 gun fights and walking away with two or three kills. It's why we see jumpshotting, spraying, and misuse of weapons (LMGs being used like SMGs and snipers being used like ARs).


      You don't see this so much in HC modes because the risk of doing so will almost certainly get you killed.


      So what if we made Core a little more risque?

      What if health was dropped to 80pts instead of 100 (give or take)?

      Movement speed was reduced and flinch/recoil had a greater effect while injured?

      What if weapons required skill and accuracy rather than aiming in a general direction and spray until you got 50pts?

      What if replenishment was prolonged so kids weren't healing while getting shot?

      Could players live with not having a Killcam or maybe even a live cam that shows a third person view of the players current position rather than a replay?

      Is it possible to have a game where you don't spend all your time running but more time using your senses?


      There's a long list of little things that will change pace of the game. The general feedback I got on the Ghost forums was how much this might promote camping. My reply to those people were, "is that a bad thing?". The fact that the community frowns up camping so much begs the question over whether or not the principle of running has forever tainted the minds of CoD players.


      I've recently encountered players who are cultured shocked by my slower (but not camping) ways. Players have adapted so intensely to a full 6 v 6 rushing style of play that they can no longer pathom how the idea that there are still campers. Most player have long since forgotten how to play against a camper. When the come across one they go into stupid mode and fall apart.


      I don't want this to go into a Camping vs Rushing thread but there's an important point to take away here. Maturity favors the camper, or at least that's what I've gathered from the last few threads I've published on the subject. A mature style of play is a more realistic style of play and realistic play is often a slower more campy style. The best way to keep the game from going super campy is make it more like HC.


      The only things I would maintain  from Core is a full time radar for those who don't have quite the tuned in awareness and no friendly fire so trolls won't dominate both playlists. Outside of that I would move the sliders a bit more to the realistic side.

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          1. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

          Most BO2 players have AAD, If their senses aren't constantly bombarded they slip in to a coma after a few seconds. that's why you see all the jumpshotting and rapid fire spraying. They can't handle the tought of slowing down for a few seconds. As long as these hyper kiddies remain the target audience nothing will ever change.

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            2. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

            Something like "Medium Core" <-- working title lol.


            I'd love to have the damage from Hardcore, but still have all of the HUDs, I enjoy Hardcore when I'm playing with people from the US, being from the UK lag can play a part in the game so Core can be difficult however Hardcore isn't all that bad because it's less bullets to kill so I feel I have a fair chance, I'd like to see HC with HUDs is pretty much where I am going with this.

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              3. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

              I'm opposite to this. The HUD could go but I perfer the damage to stay the same. I like the ability to be able to dodge behind cover or spin and get the kill, if you can't land three or four bullets after shooting at someone then you need to improve your aim.

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                4. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

                It's not that I can't land kills, it's no problem when I play with EU people like I stated in my post it would be nice when I'm playing with a host that's 3000 miles way, and of course I wouldn't want Core to be gone I'm heading towards a whole new playlist for the idea I suggested.

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                  5. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

                  Else_Andrew wrote:


                  I'd like to see HC with HUDs is pretty much where I am going with this.

                  That's one thing HC should never have, it's like a target finder, should ban those too from HC.  Everyone in Core is a map chaser, running for that red dot on the map that just flashed on. UAV's drive me crazy, so a target finder map I don't need. The only thing I'd like to see in HC is an ammo count indicator. I've been playing HC only for a couple of months now and could never go back to Core but I haven't developed the habit of reloading after an encounter yet. 

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                    6. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

                    I'm one of those people, lol - which is why I guess I'd like to see it like this, of course it would be in it's own Playlist so it doesn't effect HC players or Core users, it's a neutral middle, at least it would be for me.

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                      7. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

                      as long as they leave hardcore just the way it is i dont care lol.


                      i dont want a bullet counter or hud in hardcore cause it would make it to easy.


                      if core gets a lil bit less retarded then it is right now i might play it some more.

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                        8. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

                        Life reduced or bullet damage increase... either is an interesting idea.


                        Leaving everything else the same, it would reduce the number of BS OHK wins, that the person should have lost... if nothing else.


                        I would like a game like that... All the elements/aids of core without large amounts of regenerating life.

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                          9. Re: What if Core was a little more Hardcore?

                          I'm not trying to sound like a jerk but you mean ADD or ADHD??


                          The scorpion in HC is far more destructive with it's rapid fire. Also, the SVU is spammed like crazy in HC modes. IMO, the Type 25 AR is one of the best AR's in HC mode precisely because it's RoF is higher than say the AN or FAL. Just wanted to the clarify that.

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