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    Black ops 2 Buried Easter egg complete but no box light?

      So me and my freinds helped me get the buried MINED GAMES achievement we did richtofen easter egg and completed it, i received the achievement along with the others and the tower was sparking, next we all died and i went on solo to check if it was still sparking and to look at the Lighting box, no sparking tower, no light. I was RAGED, my freinds checked theirs and they all had theirs sparking and, glowing. 3 days later no light, no spark, I dont know what is wrong any ideas any body i redid the easter egg besides the last step. The next day i did the Tower of bable and it was all bright and all but buried remains OFF, deleted update, remains OFF, contacted Activision, they say "check the forums on how to complete easter egg, or i cant help you" so im stuck in a loophole of never ending dissapointment. Sombody help me