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    MW 3 Class Hackers God and Invisible


      Please Patch This With Somthing Everone Is Cheating With The Those Hacks Modern Warfare 3 Was Great Game Untill Fall Into Hackers Hands Please PAtch This For Everone No Hack No More


      They used to quick levels up or somthing like in SnD Team Deathmatch Demolition all of the game that is really anynonning



      sorry for my bad grammar i am dutch so please Patch This Game

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          I played against a guy tonight too that was invisible. I almost killed him once simply because I was spraying the area with a L86-LSW but he still killled me. I reported him twice because the first time it was simply he was invisible and the second because he was invisible and out side the map.

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              I just joined psn this week. I have encountered a bunch of cheaters (I have evidence on iPhone and theater mode) I know the developers are busy but its up to us as a community to gather evidence. I've seen something saying that naming and shaming these players is against the rules. An oxymoron if you ask me, that's what they are doing but still managing to slip pass, that's where we come in.  Keep a pad or something by you and jot the name and save to theater mode. A website or forum should be created I am thinking of starting my own channel on YouTube and I ain't afraid to name and shame all those confirmed cheaters. I don't point fingers, only when they are floating, clearly invincible (four guys unloading grenades and bullets into them without dying etc) , invisibility (which I have plenty if proof) I want to name and shame them. Or petition for confirmed cheaters to be dedicated or one server only (see max Payne 3 mp online, they did just that to stop the cheats) a voting system or even a better way to report these vandals.


              Rant over.


              Ps: my signal was green so lag was not an issue.

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                no chance to kill them as besides being invisible they have God mode which means unkillable best to simply leave the game and give them no pleasure from you trying to kill them and DO report every one of them you come across they should be banning the ISP's of these guys as there is nothing more annoying than this its not just a glitch they should receive perma ban let us then get on playing normally ..... this puts me off buying Ghosts NB well activision you lose your customers because of hackers and your non response to that !!!! i feel to ask for my money £45 to be returned as unplayable presently

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                  and wait and see he wont be removed, actually we should keep tabs on who we report for cheating and then see if they reapear in games, only way to know if they are actually deleting these HACKERS!!! if u see a hacker still online after a few days u know they are doing nothing, lets all work together to see if they are genuine or not!

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                  Modern Warfare 3.  seriously been playing this for 3 years, and today I have never seen so many hackers in my life.  Every Frigging game.  8 out of 10 games are Frigging  hacked.  Hackers are Frigging  invisible. Whats the Frigging  point. I can't play. I paid for this game.   We all pay for these games so we can play.    You receive millions from us, why dont you hire someone to Frigging  fix the game, stop being such selfish greedy ignorant people, you can hire people to counter these hackers EASILY with so much of your resources and profits.  just like Apple does against jailbreaking.  Seriously, not that you care, but you will lose so many loyal fans of this game.  We simply can't play the game anymore.  Why would you do such a thing to this amazing franchise.  you just going to leave it like this?  I am speaking on behalf of thousands of people, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE speak or forward to your seniors or supervisors and address ths problem TODAY.  This is not funny AT ALL. We CANT PLAY AT ALL

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                    http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/the-godmode-invisibility-class-and-all-a bout-it.969927/



                    If you are upset here are the douche bags responsible read comments thoroughly all of the modders and hackers argue im sure if you tricked them into giving you their gamertags/psn names you could get them banned if you started a huge petition or something of the sort for infinity ward to do something about it. honestly though i can't expect any less of IW they never do anything about their games when they are released hence why ghost has hacked leaderboards up and down. they don't do anything. Treyarch does a much more exemplary job of maintaing their creations which is why WaW BO1 and BO2 have no hackers anymore and no one tries. Can't believe non of you have seen the pattern here. IW games turn to crap Treyarch games stay in shape.

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                        Sorry u can still hack in black ops 1 & 2, prestige hack duh!


                        Me speaking to hacker! "Whats the point in playing when u used this hack to get max prestige?'

                        Hackers reply!  "Idk I'm bored & i wanna troll people".

                        Me speaking Why Not play legit?

                        Hackers reply! I'm too Lazy or its Too Hard.

                        Me speaking Why not take a break & Go for platinum trophies?

                        Hackers reply! Trophies mean **** & u don't have a life!



                        Why waste their time with this cheating which it clearly means whoever hacks must had an terrible life experience to get to this point, probably with no friends as well & obese! 


                        The one thing i don't get why these hackers have only 1 game & they don't playing anything else? just by looking @ their profile sometimes  their profile look like this --------? doesn't mean its jailbreak?  Why buy the ps3 in the first place idk why these hackers are stupid with their money!

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                        CrazyNiggle1 is a invisibility using douchebag

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                          i dont care about these hackers they are noobs and they dont know how to play so they have to get hacks so please stop commenting about this it's not that big of a deal if you ask them they wont if you wont most of the time

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                            also SONY is shutting down servers for mw3 for ps3 we should as a group protest about it because they will indeed loose a lot of players. they have started shutting down Mag and a bunch of fun online games. We all love mw3 & ghost also GTA 5 & black ops 1 & 2



                            PLEASE SONY don't shut down Servers for ps3 i still play and already bought the map pack for ghost and other items for ghosts like the extra slots and a person named keegan.

                            Also i keep getting my friends deleted idk why but it happens not because i have to many friends it just happends and they dont delete me.        And also every now and then my friend i cant say his name but he is on after he is done working but it says hes off and i know he was on at the time because it dosent say he was offline at the time or says he was online at the time till i shut off my router and ps3 restarted. please send me info about the friend issue please anyone

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                              I know this guy called MechiiNe, he is an AoN hacker he gets unlimeted everything! Also, if you report nothing happens because Sony doesn't allow banning and they make new accounts