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    I just want a game thats fully tested and works properly. Too much to ask?

      Ok, a lot of people would love DLC, a free map with the preorder and this perk with that perk and so on. How many of you would just like it if the game was fully tested and connection issues fixed was the main priority?

      I know so many people in my clan, from the U.S i'll just add, that say they would happily pay double the price of the game if it came on the shelf FINISHED, and I include myself in that statement. With all the other titles, I was able to play well on just 2 bars, help my team win and even get to the top of the score sheet on a regular basis. Now, with BO2, I feel I have to volunteer to leave my american friends from a team, so we all benefit from a good connection so we can all enjoy the game. I can't remember the last time I had fun with my friends, with most of my good games being played as a random. BO2 is a complete disaster and treyarch damn well knows it.

      What do you guys think, wouldn't it be fair for ALL of us if they did this?