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    Zombies Eat Bullets

      How can doing the same thing over and over be fun?  It takes no skill to do that.  I mean watch every strategy gameplay on youtube its just the same thing over and over. Boring crap.   If you make it to the higher rounds good for you but knowing what it takes I wouldn't want to.


      I would rather use the weapons on zombies but everyone says that makes the game easier?  I disagree


      It just mean a lot people don't want to be bored doing the same thing over and over. They rather use other weapons and run around map killing zombies.


      That is why I propose to let the weapons still do damage to the zombies at higher rounds and not just WW's. I would rather see how far I can get to doing that is all I'm saying. 


      Another thing is everyone thinks tight spots with a lot of debris makes the game harder. It just limits you to certain spots on the map is all so I would have to disagree once again.  Boring doesn't mean it makes it harder. It just means boring IMO.  


      I had to get this out before Buried comes out for us PS3/PC players. I would just become entertained again and forget it for a while. 


      If you disagree that's ok but ask yourself do you really like having all the weapons being useless at those higher rounds and having tight spots to run?


      I'm not saying there shouldn't be weapons that are useless or spots with debris in the way but having most weapons/All of them useless and tight spots around most of the map just makes for a boring gameplay not harder.


      Plus they should really add Weapon Xp or something for an incentive.


      Now that is something I would enjoy playing.(Not saying I don't enjoy playing zombies but not to higher rounds like it is)