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    so i finally accomplished one of my personal goals for this game

      basically whenever i get bored, i just make a new account so i can have something to work for since my main account is a master prestige and has diamond on everything that i feel like getting diamond on, has master killer and master for most game modes, etc.

      lately my goal has to get a k/d above 10, even though i've said it myself that k/d doesn't matter, i just figured it'd be cool to have a double digit k/d and it isn't something that is extraordinarily common

      i was close with one account but got stuck at 9.5 and it eventually dropped after a couple prestiges




      pretty big picture but hyphenated names never show up for me in elite so i had to take a picture with my phone

      it lasted a few games but unfortunately i inevitably got a nuketown and that destroyed it, and now it's currently at around a 7 at rank 30ish

      though now i really don't know what to do considering that meaningless, personal goal was one of the only things i felt like i had left to work for