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    Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal advertising in MW3 menu is LOLZ!!!

      Seriously...are pre-order sales so low that you guys need to start advertising your trailer reveals?  Bahahaha


      Hey...maybe you'll start listening when the Xbox One flops (remember...the system you put all of your eggs in??), and most people move to Ps4 and PC?






      Time will tell.  FYI...BUILD A NEW GAME ENGINE!!!  Anyone can tell that your "new game engine" that you claim for ghosts is the same engine from MW2 just re-worked.  It's the same thing you said about Black Ops2.  We all went out and bought the game to find out it was nothing but a scrubbed version of Black Ops 1.


      You guys missed the boat.  You really missed the boat on this.  With BF4, TitanFall, The Division all providing superior game engines, and new experiences...you missed by a mile.



      I'll give you a hint:  WWI or WWII era FPS will put you back in the "game".