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    (Xbox 360) Multiplayer Freezing, Memory Errors

      This started recently, after a 76mb patch, I think. I've never had any major problems with the disc, it's in almost new condition. The only thing that popped up was a weird Green texture glitch in campaign that was solved by restarting.


      The problem is that every few multiplayer games, the game freezes completely. There is still sound or music. It's not a connectivity issue, because even though I can't access the Xbox Guide, I can still hear my party/ team perfectly. The only way to stop it is to eject (which brings me to the dashboard fine, however, when I close the tray, I get a "disc unreadable error" until I restart), or restart the console.


      Now here's the weird part. It froze during a FFA match, and I got a friend request when it was frozen. The notification un-froze it to the Multiplayer menu, where I got this error message. Something like "Out of memory: Filename. D:\Content\XXXXXXXXX\t6" The XXXXXXXs changed the second time the game unfroze, later that day.


      I tried installing the game to the HDD, but it failed at 53%. Said "Disc Unreadable." The thing is that this is only online multiplayer. I've never had it freeze in zombies (online) or anytime during local play. I even tried recreating the times it froze in a local match, nothing happened. And I've never had it freeze when I bring it to a friends house, on his Xbox 360.



      This is really getting me depressed as I can no longer play multiplayer, due to the freezing which is putting me on wrongful probation (it sucks even more, because I can't play with my team with the new League play season). I'm going to be even more depressed if it forces me to buy another $60 copy of a game that for the most part works perfectly fine.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this.


      EDIT: I also have cleared my system cache, as suggested on other topics, however no difference in freezing nor installing.