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    walls disappearing


      the game is having serious as hell issues with walls disappearing

      and ive never seen anything as bad as what i have seen in the new "buried" map ever





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          Well since the rendering also is affecting other maps my feeling is a GPU driver, if you have a pre-GTX 700 series then I recommend using 314.22 which is now two generations back. Otherwise what are your specs GPU, drivers, etc.

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            Decrease FOV to 80 then restart the game. PC dev tweeted it. FOV has a disclaimer on it about graphical glitches. I have a feeling the disclaimer is for stuff like this.

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                yeah i think it is the FOV, when i lower the fov to like 65 or something, every graphical glitch goes away, but i think its stupid as hell that even at 80 i get lower draw distanced in multiplayer maps

                and a higher fov can give me a advantage almost like its a cheat


                treyarch need to increase the draw distances, thats not hard at all to do


                but even with the fov at 80 i still get the low draw distances on stuff in multiplayer, ill test the 80 fov with the wall issues in buried in just a second


                even if this issue occurs with an fov above 80, treyarch were still the bad guys for letting something like this happen too easily when its so easy to prevent, and this still wouldnt happen if we still had the same high draw distances as consoles

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                    I use a FOV of 75-80 anything higher 'to me' is too fisheyed, otherwise do what most hardcore players do -- get a 2560 monitor. However, even using the max setting I haven't noticed any rendering glitches since I rolled-back the GPU driver.

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                      Not a draw distance issue it looks like a polycount issue. More FOV means you can see more at once. Increasing that will probably raise the min system requirements.


                      FOV was only added because people were requesting it cause I saw pcdev reply a while back that by popular demand 90 FOV will be added. I doubt they would raise system requirements on a released game to compensate for a user requested feature. That could screw over people who already paid for the game. Hence why they threw that disclaimer on FOV in the menu.

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                          It's not only a 'requirement' issue it's more often a driver issue; fix one game bust another. In my case it was clearly a driver issue; see - https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/546160/geforce-500-400-series/bug-bo2-r endering-gtx-560-sli-320-18/ In particular the newer nVidia drivers on pre-GTX 700's have been a hit or miss, on the GTX 500's 314.22 is what's needed to fix most issues in BO2 but the GTX 600's the latest driver 320.49 seems to be fine.There is a 322.41 beta but I'm not a huge Beta fanboy if I have a WHQL that works.

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                              Well the requirements portion only comes into play if they try to fix the problem. The fix would probably be to change the game to up the max polycount at once, which in turn decreases performance since you are drawing more.


                              It might be a driver thing, certainly worth looking into. Although I see both ATI/nVidia complaints to pcdev on twitter, which might indicate it's not the driver.

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                                  There are a lot of things that play into having a rendering problem. In the case of mine it was clearly a driver bug, but when you use a > 80 FOV then you start to distort and 'curve' the rendering which at least in the case of the OP seems to be the issue. In addition, to 'poly count' the more that you're rendering the more vRAM comes into play. Again, in my case I can render > 80 FPS but often during 'rushing' I get a few ms of stuttering which IMO has more to do with the vRAM or lack there of. My GTX 560's only have 1 GB, whereas many newer ones have 1.5GB-3GB+. However, FPS isn't a problem and a pair of GTX 560's can easily render 170-200 FPS.




                                  My 'plan' as it is now is to maybe get a larger Korean monitor paired with a pair of GTX 770's, the 760's appear to have mico stuttering problems.

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                                      ur ******* up big time with ur replies


                                      it IS a draw distance issue, they set the lod where u are, and when ur camera is at a higher fov, the level-of-detail acts as if ur further away, and treats the draw distances as so, kinda like how further things gain a higher poly count when u zoom in with a sniper scope, as if ur alot closer to those objects


                                      now ur talking to me about how the game could be switching up those draw distances because of my driver versions and stuff, like that really effects poly count

                                      like its a RENDERING BUG from a driver that the game decides to lower the draw distance

                                      i got a new computer and stuff and reinstalled windows a billion times, been thru a billion drivers

                                      its just the ******* game's draw distance

                                      the game's draw distance just ******* sucks and you need to learn that


                                      and btw a gtx500-series card DOES get input lag even without v-sync, even if the fps is high as hell because of the lack of cores and the unoptimized directX11 features

                                      i learned that from experience


                                      treyarch needs to at least give us the damn option to increase the draw distance

                                      they obviously ****** up the pixel-perfect competetive enviorment by letting us see through walls and ****

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                                          idk how all of you can be so idiotic to actually think that a low draw distance in a ugly ass game is a DRIVER ISSUE


                                          ive been playing that game through several computers and different hardwares and re-installation of windows


                                          the draw distance in the game just ******* sucks and was designed for a RIDICULOUS UNACCEPTABLE 65degree field of view


                                          they need a higher draw distance on the pc version

                                          whether it be optional or not


                                          they already removed the classic pixel-perfect competetiveness of the maps by letting use see through walls, which would in fact be fixed with the increased draw distance


                                          i get a freaking 200fps on the game maxes out, with custom maxed out driver settings like negative LOD bias, and 8xmsaa on a freaking cheap 660ti


                                          INCREASE THE DRAW DISTANCE

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                                              Calling people idiot who are in your thread trying to help you figure out an issue is not the way to go bud. Also as I origionally said the issue isn't draw distance, it's poly count. If it were draw distance then FOV would not affect it or the issue would always present at a certain distance under all conditions, which it is not. They are sure as hell not going to add a slider for poly count to the menu because that is a quick way to get 1,000 novices with low spec systems crashing all over the place.


                                              Momba1's theory about the driver has the potential to be correct so show him a little respect, although I personally do not believe this to be the cause of this particular issue.

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                                                  okay im sorry about the insult, i apologize


                                                  but when an object is gone at 3ft away, but appears at 2.9ft, then disappears again at 3ft

                                                  thats draw distance, not poly count


                                                  why the hell would that be poly count?

                                                  do u really assume that games have some auto poly-count controller? i dont think tesselation even has that


                                                  yes they decrease draw distance TO decrease the poly count

                                                  but draw distance is the use of a tool to control the poly count........... actual poly count is just a measurement, not some dynamic tool, DRAW DISTANCE is the dynamic tool to control the poly count


                                                  they need to increase the draw distance, we're not playing the game on 3yr+ old video cards


                                                  we shouldnt be treated like we are with TERRIBLE TERRIBLE draw distances that are in no way acceptable

                                                  where something can disappear from just being 2ft away from me like the bumps on the crates in the map "shipment"