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    HC vs Core - not a debate, but a challenge

      Special Note to the Mods: If this in essence is against the forum rules, please lock this and I understand why.


      There have been a few threads over the years about HC vs Core and which is easier.  My philosophy is neither is easier/harder: Adjust and Adapt, and use the tools (or the lack of) to play differently to your advantage.


      Another forum member indicated that they found HC to be the same level of difficulty as Core (agreed), and they can routinely get the higher streaks in either mode (nice claim)


      I am inspired to challenge you!


      (I hope this is not against the forum rules, so let's make it as "within the guidelines" as we can):


      The Challenge:


      Post a video of your achievements on getting higher kill streaks in HardCore (no time limit to the challenge)




      - must adhere to forum guidelines (e.g. you cannot simply post a video. It has to accompany some valid topic of discussion ... like the strategies that you employ, tips and tricks, etc...)... this can be very helpful to users

      - Any game mode, but: You have to make attempts to play the objective.  You cannot JUST be that slayer who totally (100%) ignores the objectives, or sits back taking people out while trying to get the objectives

      - Any Map (of course)

      - Any of the kill streaks post VSAT (VSAT itself does not count but it as obvious good streak to use on your way)

      - Any weapon, any attachments, any perk combinations

      - Please do not post anything irrelevant (e.g. you only get a VSAT lol)

      - Please DO NOT BASH anyone's playstyle (unless they 100% useless camp*), or attachments used (yes, the TF is allowed in this challenge)


      Bonus kudos if:


      - Nothing less than the VSAT is your 1st streak

      - You get a swarm

      - You cycle your streaks (if not in part, in whole)


      The goal of the challenge (again) is to demonstrate the tactics you use to beast the HardCore Game mode. Choose your streaks WISELY (it would be a shame to kick yourself lol)


      Please feel free to add...


      Have a Wonderful weekend everyone, and happy hunting


      * holding choke points and active defending is not camping, no matter what you think, for this challenge.  Sitting back in spawn, or in a random corner, is. TDM Exception: You can camp, but not in the same place for too long.


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