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    The new leaning feature in CoD Ghosts.

      About the new leaning feature, I thought it was a great idea on pc. It was amazing. On a console I'm just wondering what button it will bind to. Will it be the knifing button if they do replace that and make it to where you must have a combat knife to knife? (take out panic knifing) Also they should limit the leaning feature like you can't lean with a lmg. If you lean with an lmg you are going to be almost unstoppable. Also with the leaning feature there needs to be a FMJ attachment for your weapons just like in MW2/BO2 so you can shoot through the wall so you can kill the person easier. It can be real great thing/improvement if you just think about it and do it right for the community. And please reply to this with any opinions/ideas for this discussion. Thanks.