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    black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

      right after i got the DLC ive been terribly stuttering, idk whats wrong or whats going on

      my gpu usage seems to be dropping, my cpu usage isnt ever reaching 100% to cause bottleneck, and it has to potential to reach that because it does when i disable cores, i think maybe my cpu usage is also dropping along with the gpu usage, but idk

      my gou usage just drops to like 50% or 60% very frequently out of nowhere, idk whats going on

      nothing is heating up, my cpu is at 55degrees and my gpu is at 65degrees

      this problem isnt happening in any other games, ive tested that


      i rolled back my driver from 329.41 back to 314.22 with a CLEAN install, like i uninstalled, restarted, deleted every nvidia file in my computer, then installed

      i still have the issue


      i disabled my realtek audio since im using a usb headset, nothing changed, i didnt give the game exclusive control of my audio anymore, nothing happened




      i5 3570k

      msi gtx 660ti pe

      8gb ddr3 1600 dual channel

      windows 7 64-bit

      700w psu

      asrock z77 extreme4



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          Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

          this video helps show whats going on at   2:00



          this is my video


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            Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

            Keep the driver you have now (314.22), even the two later versions have had issues for pre GTX 700 series, and lower your FOV to 75-80; see - https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/546160/geforce-500-400-series/bug-bo2-r endering-gtx-560-sli-320-18/


            Alternatively, you can use MSI Afterburner and play with the clock setting both lower and higher. Some game have an odd reaction to certain clock speeds and a slight change one way or the other solves stuttering. Further, there's absolutely no reason, if you do, to OC so in the BIOS/UEFI simply load the optimal settings plus use XMP for the RAM and that's about it.

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                Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                i tried lowering my clock


                and i tried lowering my FOV (without restarting)

                and nothing seemed to happen at all


                i had the exact same stuttering


                i owned the game since RELEASE back in november, and this has never happened


                im going to try to re-install windows when i get the chance in the next several days


                i hope that works


                but i dont wanna do all the work, it feels like it takes over 20 hours to get back everything including drivers and bug fixing

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                    Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                    I seriously doubt this is an OS issue unless you're having other issues outside of the game. Apparently, after your post above I edited about OC.


                    Before anything else simply try the GCF procedure on Call of Duty: Black Ops II Multiplayer; see - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335


                    Now if all of that fails either use System Restore to an earlier point 'before' the PITA stuttering and/or run SFC in your drive(s) using both options; see - http://i.imgur.com/zxGwtrS.jpg


                    Keep in mind it could be a coincidence with the driver and the core issue simply might be your GPU itself.


                    Listen, with the lower player count and the bouncing Pings that players have often there are anomalies. So as a test run a custom game against Bots in a variety of maps where you've experienced the most problems. If the problem is solved then it would seem Pings are the culprit. Often I TAB during a game just to notice one player going from 100 to 400 and everything squirrely in between.

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                        Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                        I Agree, I have often the same problem in public online games. It never occurs when I play in private.

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                          Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                          i just tried to verify cache while running as administrator

                          and i tired windows disk error check


                          both didnt work


                          i still had that issue while playing in a game with bots


                          i guess i have no choice but to re-install windows


                          and dont worry about the video card thing, i have store warranty, but im going to have to pay $30 to replace it and get a new warranty, but thats not so bad, but im not having this issue in other games, so im sure its not the card

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                              Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                              Every so often I reinstall the video drivers, in the past my nVidia Control Panel in the taskbar wouldn't open and I'd start getting oddball things happening - a reinstall fixed it.


                              Pff...if you want to reinstall your OS, Apps, and all of that PITA stuff well go for it. A System Restore should do the same as well as the 'Fix system errors,' and as an alternative I'd first rule-out some 'Startup' and 'Services' error(s) i.e. conflicts/polling. RUN MSCONFIG: (1) Disable all Startup items, and (2) [x] 'Hide all Microsoft services' and [ ] uncheck all other services then reboot and retest. 

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                                  Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                                  i tried disabling all non-microsoft services except "nvidia display driver" and "steam client service"

                                  and i still had the issue


                                  i tried system restore, but it only goes as far as 2 days ago (august 3), and that didnt help


                                  heres a cpu graph with its times calibrated to the gpu graph, the ending on the graph wasnt in-game


                                  cpu is i5 3570k

                                  my cpu usage seems to be dropping with the gpu usage, so it doesnt seem like a classic cpu bottleneck


                                  i was just playing call of duty world at war in a 40player intense as hell game, its a similar directX9 version of the engine

                                  and i WAS NOT having any of the stuttering issues or anything, or in any of my games, the issue is exclusive to black ops 2

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                                      Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                                      Every game has its demands, unless you have 'GPU Overkill' you're going to have some sudden frame drops when either loading additional textures and/or details. Try Crysis 3. Further, it's generally not a good idea to have less than 25%-30% free on each drive, you start getting oddball R/W issues (stuttering) which adds another variable into your problems.


                                      In the GPU settings in BO2 Multiplayer press RESET including your FOV (as I recall it's 65) and try 2x MSAA and Disable (Off) FXAA. Now if that solves the problem increase to 4x MSAA, FXAA Off, and FOV 75-80.

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                                          Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                                          ive just been playing the extremely unoptimized bioshock infinite, where maxed out, my fps can be dropping to 40fps, maybe worse

                                          an extremely demanding game and bad optimization


                                          i havent gotten any gpu usage drops in that game ever


                                          my gpu usage is always at 98% and has never dropped below 96%


                                          im seriously thinking that this is a treyarch issue that treyarch needs to patch it themselves


                                          this JUST happened with the release of their DLC

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                                          Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                                          I have just started having a similar issue although it's not as bad when it happens, since it's happening all the time.


                                          The game basically unplayable for me now because of it.


                                          I have just done a quick game with, Hardware Monitor, Task Manager and MSI Afterburner all running and this is what I found, forgot to screenshot it though.


                                          CPU, 8 threads used not 12 threads

                                          CPU Core Usage, around 50%

                                          Ram, 1.2Gb used not anywhere near the 16Gb I have

                                          GPU, 89% on both GTX680's

                                          GPU Memory Used, around 1.3Gb out of 2Gb.



                                          That is with the game maxed out at 1080p and it was stuttering and lagging.


                                          I get a ping of around 20ms in every other game I play, apart from MW2/3 because it that if I am not the host I can only think I am getting around 50ms+ but it's smooth as butter, but in Black Op's 2

                                          my ping flucuates between 40ms and 80ms in each and every single game and it stutters.


                                          Game Settings are:



                                          FOV: 90

                                          Texture Quality: Extra

                                          Texture Filtering: High

                                          AA: Off

                                          FXAA: On

                                          Amnbient Occlusion: On

                                          Depth Of Field: High

                                          Vsync: Off

                                          FPS: Unlimited

                                          Shadows: High

                                          Ragdoll: On



                                          Now to give you an idea I run the following games at 1080p with frame rates as follows:


                                          Battlefield 3 Maxed: Average 170fps

                                          Metro Last Light Maxed except SXAA: 100fps

                                          Crysis 1 Maxed: 130fps+

                                          Crysis Warhead Maxed: 130fps+

                                          Crysis 2 Maxed: 100fps as iirc it's limited to 100fps

                                          Crysis 3 Maxed: 100fps

                                          COD 4 Maxed: Up to 1000fps

                                          COD 5 Maxed: Up to 200fps

                                          MW2 Maxed: 91fps limited by devs

                                          MW3 Maxed: 91fps limited by devs

                                          Black Op's 1: Up to 200fps

                                          Black Op's 2: Up to 200fps limited by devs



                                          Now out of all those games the only ones I have ever had a issue with, are the ones developed by Treyarch when it's comes to the Multiplayer aspect of the game, the Campaigns run smooth as silk, and on BO1 and COD 5 the Zombies are perfectly fine, but on BO2 they jitter and stutter like crazy.


                                          Every COD game that was not developed by Treyarch runs smooth as silk on the all parts of the game, and all the other games that are not COD run smooth as silk as well.


                                          I mean Black Op's 1 wasn't to bad once they sorted the server files out, but there was still some issues every now and then.


                                          I have tried all sorts of settings in Black Op's 2 and nothing works for me other than just playing on and hoping they fix it but, since they are now working on there next COD game I cannot see them doing anything else to this fix wise.

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                                Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                                okay i did the cleanest of the clean when it comes to a clean video card driver installation, i even took the video card out of the computer to do this process

                                and im still getting the usage drops



                                its weird too, when a bolt of lightning hits the map uplink, my gpu usage does a full drop

                                WHY IS A BOLT OF LIGHTNING DOING THAT? its just a while flash on the map and a thunder noise

                                my hard drive is 7200rpm

                                and i already tried defragging it and error checking it but those didnt solve the issue


                                thanks for always replying momba

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                                    Re: black ops 2 stuttering stuttering stuttering

                                    Effects including lightning, rain, smoke, explosions or you name it require a lot of extra rendering and lower rendering FPS.


                                    Try lowering your settings to 2x MSAA or 2x (or 4x) TXAA, 75 or less FOV, etc. Everyone has FPS spikes and micro-stuttering to some extent I often drop from 200 FPS down to 150 FPS and right back up to pegging BO2's 200 FPS limit. FOV > 80 is known to cause problems regardless of your GPU(s) in micro-stutters.


                                    Personally, with your GPU (GTX 660) I'd use 75-80 FOV, 2x MSAA (or 2-4x TXAA), FXAA off, DOF high, and the rest with the defaults. Some benchmarks and comparisons of MSAA vs TXAA in BO2. Some benchmarks with Medium settings with the GTX 660.


                                    As much as I like nice looking renders, my ability to play takes priority over some obscure jaggedy curved lines.


                                    On your HDD make sure it's no fragmentation. Reading between the lines I'm 'guessing' that you have an SSD + HDD and listened to some of those tweak guides that are all (mostly) dead wrong; e.g. lack of Restore points.

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