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    My Opinion on Quickscoping/Trickshotting

      QUICKSCOPING: So first of all im a quickscoper and i can go 20/10 easily. But what alot of people get mad about is that when they are using an SMG and get killed close range by a sniper. This happened to me a few days ago on hijacked. I was in 1 of the sniping spots ( inside the boat ) and someone came in and shot at me with a Scorpian. They got first hit on me and i turned around and QS'd them. So the scorpian shoots at like 1000 RPM and only takes i think 3 hits from close range to kill. He easily fired 15 bullets. So the question is, is quickscoping OP or does the guy using the scorpian just suck? I believe that if you get killed by a quickscoper at close range and your using a full auto gun then you just suck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               TRICKSHOTTING: I honestly have no idea how people could be mad at this. It is very difficult to do and takes an extream amount of skill and luck to hit, so why would it piss ppl off? Its not like people do it on modes like TDM. They do it on SnD in which it has like NO EFFECT ON YOU.

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