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    Custom Zombies - Things just got that little bit better thanks to UGX!

      Ok... so not everyone has got themselves involved in the custom zombie scene yet, and maybe now is the time. If you love the game mode, and all the new features that have been introduced, then the custom scene is DEFINITELY for you.


      Before we go into details about the upcoming features to the scene, let's establish what you need to play 'Custom Zombies'.


      You need a PC or Laptop capable of running Call of Duty:World at War. This is purchasable through steam, and comes with all the updates and DLC prepacked!

      Another thing that should be noted, is that unlike other modding scenes, Custom Zombies is NOT a complicated process. You do not need a degree in I.T. nor do you even need ANY computer skills. The game is self installing, and so are the maps. Almost every map is an executable (.exe) file, and will automatically install itself, leaving you with the simple task of picking which map you want to play from a menu, and you are good to go! It's really that simple.


      The scene already has over 500 maps available, with around 100 of those maps considered studio quality. This means they are visually on par with the real World at War maps, or even with those found on Black Ops.


      Most maps are made and then ran through a mod that will replace default skins, textures, audio and weaponary. This is where UGX comes in...


      UGX Mod is bringing all the best features from Black Ops 2 over to the custom scene, and this is why you really should get into custom zombies if you have the required hardware to run it.


      This was announced today by UGX.



      The Raygun Mark II. Ported over near perfectly through the UGX Mod, meaning that all maps to use this mod will have the weapon available in them. In the comment section for this video, they have also said they are seriously considering bringing the Gersch Device into the Mod! Ehrmagerd!!!


      This is some of the other features being ported over, or introduced through the mod...



      The Hells Retriever & Hells Redeemer! Not much is needed to be said on this subject. Cannot wait!



      The Hacker returns!!! Again... not much is needed to be said on this matter. We all loved it, we all want it back.



      Pandora's Box. Interesting new twist to the box.



      Scavenger to return! One of the best wonder weapons in Black Ops 1 is to be introduced to the mod.



      Brutus Lives! MotD pest Brutus breaks his cycle and runs rampant on UGX!



      This is not all. UGX is bringing in ALL the perks from every game, so we will see Double Tap 2.0, Who's Who, Vulture Ade, Electric Cherry and more. All (or most) BO2 weapons are also getting ported over too.


      All the above features should be enough to encourage the real fans out there to get involved in this scene. There is far too many great maps out there not to be at least intrigued, so if you are getting bored of Black Ops 2 already, maybe it's time you moved over to the custom scene instead.


      I guarantee... you would not regret it!



      More information can be found on the UGX site. ugx-mods.com

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