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    CoD - never more! Why don´t they take some money and...

      Dear CoD Team of Infinity Ward (and also Treyarch!),


      some month ago I sold my Black Ops 2 Copy because I got fed up by this crappy, laggy and already hacked game.

      I returned playing MW3 - as my entire Clan did. Some switched over to Battlefield 3, others left the Clan and the community.



      So listen, Devs:

      For legit customers and players it is inacceptable to play with hackers and cheaters every damn weekend.

      It´s also inacceptable to win or lose because of lag (even if I use Broadband 50MBit/s and less than 20ms PING).

      It´s inacceptable to see rankings being hacked - or even more the entire game.


      This issues are neither new not unknown since Call of Duty MW2. Every CoD since then got hacked, every CoD has several Cheats spoiling the game.


      Now CoD Ghost has been announced - and I will deny to buy it! I´ve purchases all CoD since CoD 3...



      But: You should be smart and think about fighting those Game-Spoilers who destroy all fun by unsing cheats or developing hacks!

      Take some money now and chase them with your lawyers, sue them to court. Every singe player you found hacking or cheating!

      Let them pay the bill!!


      Sure, this will cost a lot of money first - but it will be the only chance (YOUR) only chance to recreate customer acceptance and confidence.



      Cheating and Hacking might be fun for some mentally retarded thumb suckers - but most of your adult customers just get p*ssed off!



      With kind regards,