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    SPM tho art a heartless b**ch

      Yea my score per minute sucks, not due an inability to kill people, but it seams like they are always where I am not (unless we are talking about my spawns) Does anyone else have this issue where they can go a straight minute without seeing an someone? By the way I perfer to move about the maps smart yet fast so please refrain from any camping comments.

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          If you aren't seeing anyone, perhaps you aren't moving around as "smart" as you would like to think?


          Work on your situational awareness. Use the tools you are given to know what is going on in the match.

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            The bad guys are where the good guys aren't. Check the mini-map.

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                Agreed. Also, if you want to bump your SPM I would suggest running non-lethals scorestreaks such as UAV + CUAV + VSAT/EMP. This will really help both you and your team. EMP tacticals work wonders to even futher augment with assists and equipment destruction.

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                How often does SPM go up? I'm usually at the top of the leaderboard most games, but it seems like i've been stuck at 380 for a while.

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                    Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but in all likelihood you have a lot of playtime, so it's a long slow process to move your SPM even a little. It's just the math.  However if you want to get a better sense of the "level" that you're playing at currently (to the extent stats even illustrate that), hit Y when you're in the leaderboard and change the timeframe to monthly.  This is particularly meaningful toward the end of the month.  This being my first CoD (learning curve and all), my stats for the prior month are completely different than my overall stats, which are burdened by my first 4-5 months of sucking.

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                    We all have matches like that. I've run 2 complete laps of Raid without seeing a soul before


                    I've been dabbling in SnD lately so my SPM took a hit from that too. In KC though, my SPM just edged up to 417.

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                      devidog_kyle wrote:


                      Yea my score per minute sucks, not due an inability to kill people,

                      sounds contradictory, to say I have a low SPM and I as well can kill. You can kill a dude or two, the true measurement is how long you survive without dying.

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                        try playing multi-team

                        last night i had about five 10,000-13,000 point hardpoint games in a row




                        pretty crazy

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                          Listen here buddy, your problems with finding people on tiny maps needs to be checked out. Look around for teammate deaths and use your minimap. The spawns are also so messed up it spawns you 5ft behind enemies and in the middle of gunfire. If you can't find people, it's all on you.

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                            I have to agree with other people. Action is the easiest thing to find lol.


                            Firstly, there are areas of the map that tend to have the most action. Second, you can usually here in teh general direction where gun shots are being fired. Thirdly, your mini map shows where enemies are shooting at with un-supressed weapons. Fourthly, pay attention to wher eyour teammates are. Fifthly, UAV basically shows where the whole enemy team is.


                            Dont worry man I remember thinking the same thing way back in the day. It will come to you.

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                              You can't find the enemy? Learn the maps. that is step 1.


                              Go to twitch.tv and sub to some pros and watch them play for a couple of hours. You'll learn pretty quickly what the most common routes are, both flanking and direct. It's pretty amazing that we have this as a community now, because before you could watch the best of the best and how they approach the game, you had to figure it out on your own...or ASK THE INTERNET


                              A good headset is almost a necessity now since most somewhat serious players have them and a ton of kids have SCUF's, rapid fire controllers etc too. You need to set yourself up to succeed or you will fail.


                              Lastly, PRACTICE. Just keep at it. Some of us have been playing shooters for decades now and there is always someone better than you, smarter than you, or just on the better end of the lag lol


                              have fun!

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                                I usually always go the opposite way that my team does. Try anticipating the spawn flip if your team is aggressive and pushing the other team's spawn. That way you're the first when the other team spawn flips. If you're still not finding anyone it's a good bet the other team is camping real hard so just start going in hot spots with caution. Toss an EMP in any room you plan on going in first.


                                Try playing domination or demolition. It's almost impossible to not continually encounter enemies in those game modes. It will also boost your score per minute if you cap flags or defend a lot.