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    Black ops 2 clan recruiting new members for cod Ghost. PS3 only.


      Clan Elite: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5022866

      Clan name: Destroy on Sight

      Clan K/D ratio: 1.72

      Clan level: 39

      Clan members: 23

      Clan Tag: D0Sx

      Console: PS3

      Destroy on sight used to be an active clan with 70 members but many of them stopped playing black ops 2 and eventually there were all kicked from the clan. This clan used to be big and active but now we only have like 15 active members who actually play the game and only a few who care for the clan. This clan's goal is to become bigger and more active as we come closer to call of duty ghost. We will try to make a facebook page for the clan and a youtube channel. Also few new members will be able to be in the mlg team that we are working on. We are a beast at any gamemode. Many members have over a 2.00 kd ratio and we get swarms as if the were like uavs. Trust me, this clan does not suck. In order to join, u need to meet the requirements below.


      • U must have at least a 1.50 k/d ratio.
      • No master prestige glitchers
      • Must be active every week or be kicked if not active
      • must do clan ops or challenges

      Add me on PS3 only if u meet the requirements: LegendaryOmed

      Click that apply button on elite page if u want to be part of this beast clan.