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    DIE RISE EASTER EGG: Mojong Tiles?

      Ok, I have been looking to complete the DIe Rise easter egg, and I've managed to complete all the steps fairly easily, except the very last one, which is when you have to do a bunch of complicated crap with Majong tiles. I searched this on Youtube but honestly the video didn't explain the majong tile step very well. Anyone on here know how to complete this step in the Easter Egg? I could really use the help and would fully appreciate it.

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          Re: DIE RISE EASTER EGG: Mojong Tiles?

          It was confusing to me as well but I think I know how it works now, not entirely sure though as I haven't done it yet. I'll try to make it simple.


          There are two different kinds of mahjong tiles.


          1. Numerical (4 of them are in the map) http://s3.hubimg.com/u/8196774_f1024.jp

          2. Directional (4 of them are in the map) http://s1.hubimg.com/u/8196760_f1024.jpg


          There are four different colors. Blue, red, green and black.
          Each numerical mahjong has its color.
          Each directional mahjong has its color.

          The colors correspond to each other.


          Now, in Die Rise, there is a tower where you are suppose to hit poles with the galvanuckles. There are four different poles; North, West, South, East. In order to know which pole is North, and which one is West and so on, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5VNS41S7h8 and go to 1.00.


          For example: Let's say you find a green 2, and a green west. This means that you are going to hit the west pole second. If you find a blue 1, and a blue north, you are going to hit the north pole first. Get it


          If anyting is unclear, please tell me. And if anyhting is wrong, please tell me.

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            Re: DIE RISE EASTER EGG: Mojong Tiles?

            Check out step 7 for Richtofen



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                Re: DIE RISE EASTER EGG: Mojong Tiles?

                thanks for the link, I didn't think to search the wiki. I'm starting to get it now. after I just found a youtube video that explained it better.

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                  Re: DIE RISE EASTER EGG: Mojong Tiles?

                  It's really not that hard.  You just gotta know where to look and know how to translate.

                  There are 8 Mahjong Tiles located around the map in 11 possible locations.

                  Here is a video for all of the locations...


                  You must match colors, and there are four colors: Red, Blue, Black and Green.

                  Example: If you find Red North and Red Two, then the North leg of the tower must be punched 2nd in the sequence.

                  Here is a picture of the Mahjong Tiles with the numbers and directions...


                  I always have to write down what I find when looking for them like "Blue 4" and "Green South" etc.  Once you find all 8, you're good to go on the last step.

                  And if you want to know how to tell which leg is what direction, the Mahjong Tile on the rail in front of the tower leg is ALWAYS North.

                  Hope this stuff helps.

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                      Re: DIE RISE EASTER EGG: Mojong Tiles?

                      this is very helpful. One thing I am wondering about is, on the wiki, it says if someone disconnects, the poles in the tower won't light up in future matches. This could be a problem for me because someone in my group backed out when we were on this step the first time I tried. Hopefully this won't mean I can't complete this step.

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