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    High jitter on every servers

      Hi there,


      I experience a huge jitter on every server a I join since few days. I'm not the only one, everybody who are on the same server as me have the same issue. It seems it affects more the lowest pingers(<60). I mean my ping go crazy through game ( random ping between 45 to 90).I make the game definitely unplayable as ennemies hitbox and/or skins are not showing correctly.

      For example i can throw a stunt grenade on an ennemy feet and i have not at least an hitmarker -_-'. Same issue with RPG when firing at enemies feet(i'm doing RPG challenge actually).

      Other odd things are for example:

      • an ally kill an ennemy, I fire on ennemy too but 1/2 second too late and i still have hitmarkers on the dead body...
      • an ennemy shoot me, i rush to hide behind a wall/rock or whatever and I finally die 1 second later ..
      • I shoot 30 bullets on a guy with HAMR+FMJ at far distance, got severals hitmarkers but i finally got killed by the ennemy who is wearing an SMG.



      Are you guyz experiencing the same issue? and is there a way to fix it?

      Ty for answers

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          Re: High jitter on every servers

          sounds like the poorly coded and high-delay lag compensation

          its so bad, that even if everything is stationary, and u shoot, the bullets wont go exactly where you aim


          if thats not the issue, did you forward your ports and enable upnp and is your NAT open?

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            Re: High jitter on every servers

            I UP the discution because nothing is fixed. In any game I join , i experience a huge jitter that make the game unplayable. I think my connexion is decent DSL2+ 20Mb Down /1.2Mb up and anyway i had not this problem before. I'm prety sur it comes from server side as i see almost everybody on servers I play experiencing the same ping variations.

            It's abnormal and it happens only on BO2. BF3 works fine, old game like UT99/2k4 works fine too ( never over 5-10ms jitter time to time). But on Bo2 i have >25ms jitter the whole game pff.

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              Re: High jitter on every servers

              Sometimes especially off-peak you get spammed into foreign servers and/or foreign players on to yours (including Joiners aka Stalkers), and you'll get huge ping swings. I'm generally a 50-70 ms to New Jersey and the pings start out that way then about midway through the game I'm hitting as high as 400+ ms pings, in part that can be some relay issues and re-routing from your ISP to the servers and/or complications for Steam's voice chat and/or Parties. At least that's my observations.


              The best solutions seems to be play at 'local' peak hours, and to use a non-Steam voice chat e.g. Skype or one of several voice chat rely applications. Also, go into matches with Party = Closed.

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                  Re: High jitter on every servers

                  Momba1 wrote:


                  The best solutions seems to be play at 'local' peak hours, and to use a non-Steam voice chat e.g. Skype or one of several voice chat rely applications. Also, go into matches with Party = Closed.

                  It's actually what i do but it does not fix the problem. The worse thing is the jitter is even worse when there is more players online (evening 6PM-23PM, week-end). For example today it's unplayable.  That's so crap :'( . I checked from my ISP but they say all is OK, in other words, the issue comes from 3ARC servers.


                  Otherwise, in most of FPS i play (where no fuckin matchmaking and i can choose the server i'll play tho..), I avoid to play on UK servers as I experience sometimes lags/jitter/connexion issues. So, i prefer to play on German/Dutch/French servers. Anyway I never had that huge lag/jitter in any other game than in BO2

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                  Re: High jitter on every servers

                  It has been bad since the beginning for me. It's not my internet connection problem at all.


                  No surprised if you are now starting to get being lag compensated after the changes.


                  All I am seeing are Gamers lagging even with very low pings like 25 to 60. They are always 2 to 6 seconds delayed in my view. Even high pingers are also lagging.


                  That is to say, they don't show me their actual position in the Server. I am constantly see Lag Compensation of pre-rendered image of the Gamer, not the actual where he is shooting at me already.


                  They are always killing me 2 to 3 seconds before I can react. That is to say, I see him running, ads and fire 30 rounds or less, no kill and die first. In kill cam, they were already aimming at me.


                  Second case, I ran out of ammo after 2 kills, (both primary and second weapons, due to lag disadvantage) running to door, turn left...see enermy at 8 feet away and rush to knife and died 2.5 feet away. But in kill cam, show me running straight instead of turning left.


                  Third case, running towards the stationery vehicle after my team made kills, turn away after walls and got killed out of nowhere. In kill cam, it showed that I was kill 30 feet away from where the stationery vehicle.


                  It is very hard to get into a game where I can make a decent kill above 0.3 to 1.2 k/d.


                  I have yet to play this game again, so I can't tell there is any improvement for me.

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                      Re: High jitter on every servers

                      No doubt there are severally broken lag servers' but they're rare: Stuttering while moving backwards and the occasional 'Moon Walk' moving in slow-motion (that one is funny for it's amusement factor). However, 1s = 1000ms so a 2s = 2000ms+ never have I seen it that bad. Kill Cams (replay) aren't accurate but the Lag Comp as you're describing to a degree is a proven fact.


                      Lag Comp breaks down when [highest ping] - [lowest ping] > 75 ms and there's little that can be done except to leave (Rage Quit) the game and hopefully find a better lobby. There are two sources of Lag: CoD server to your Router and outside lag of other running applications (e.g. Steam Chat) plus your side Lag (WiFi, Shared connection, Buffer Bloat, etc). Lag Comp is only calculated from the CoD Router <-> Home Router, and everything adding Lag behind your Router is not compensated.


                      • Router settings and most network gaming issues are resolved by using DMZ Host for a single PC or Console. Ideally use a static IP address outside of the router's DHCP range; example router, DHCP range 192.168.2~100, Static range Otherwise use Port Forwarding and test with both the Router and PC's firewalls disabled. BO2 Recommended Router settings.
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                          Re: High jitter on every servers

                          Router in fine, nothing wrong at all.


                          Doing good with low ping server on COD 4, Medal of Honor 2010 and BF Bad Company 2.


                          Except for BF3 which needed some router adjustment (I use second router for this adjustment), to get lag compensation advantage. Practically, no need for port forwarding at all. None of the web site can help except my knowlegde in configuring Cisco Routers know how.


                          If you think I'm lagging with intent, I would say a big NO. The pings would remain the same.


                          Due to constant changes, we don't know what Treyarch is doing on the server end. We don't know what is the network infrastructure layout and how are they going to deal with network congestion where there are 500k (say) gamers connected from Xbox, PS3 and PC.

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                          Re: High jitter on every servers

                          Thanks for answer, your examples show exactly what i experience actually in game. (well it's more 0.5 to 1 second disadvantage for me).

                          Also, the huge jitter make others players warp/teleport, move double or triple speed then freeze and so on ..

                          Before, I experienced this pooh less than 25% of rounds. Since 2 weeks (last update), it's 50% of rounds or even more if i'm unlucky. Pretty annoying.. :/

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                              Re: High jitter on every servers

                              For what it's worth the guy on the other side often is having the same exact issues. In the lobby or in-game if it's bad ask players if they noticed the same problems. Chances are they did. Lag Comp favors the Rushers so keep that in mind while standing still...


                              Lately, DLC 3 there are less and less players worsened by DLC Matchmaking. Complicate that with a mix of foreign and domestic players being tossed-in together = what you and most are experiencing right now.


                              IMHO, amongst a laundry list of other problems, there should be two choices for DLC -- ALL or NONE.

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                                  Re: High jitter on every servers

                                  You are right Momba1, I think the problem came with DLCs, i just played in a party with a mate that do not have DLCs and I had not that huge jitter + I was over 2 ratio in each game we played together. Actually i can't barely have 1.40 in any game i join when i play alone.

                                  So, the only way is to find someone (without DLC) to join when the issue occurs. That's the only fix i found.

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                              Re: High jitter on every servers

                              This game lag badly. Worst than ever  ...

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