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    How Sniping/Quickscoping should be in Ghost.

      TBH I think QS was WAY too easy in MW3. It was a little more difficult in MW2 but not much. In BO2 it was better, but in my opinion still not good. I think ghost should have the snipers like they were in COD4 and BO1. It was perfect in those games because QS'ing actually took SKILL. In MW2 and MW3 the aim assist help you alot so therefore just about anyone could QS. In BO2 the aim assist didnt help but it was just still too easy. In COD 4 and BO1 the aim assist doesnt help at all, you cant really black scope ( therefore you actually need to aim  ) and you had to stand still in order for it to be accurate. If you get a feed or turn on someone qs'ing in BO2 or MW2 or 3 then i dont really feel that special. But doing the same in BO2 and COD 4 actually gives you something to be proud of cuz its difficult and takes skill