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    Having all Call of Duty maps ever made available to download.

      I've got an idea that I would love to see happen with the release of the new C.O.D. Ghost game.  Call of Duty should have all of the game maps and map packs ever made available for players to download.  Here's how it would work... You pick up the new Ghost game for 60 bucks. They charge 40 bucks or so for... let's say... the World at War orignal maps and you can download them to your Ghost game and play with them as well as the Ghosts maps. Then u wanna get the second Black Ops 2 map pack. They charge 10 or 15 bucks just like they do for the new ones they release and you can download those n play with all three map sets on the same game!!! I mean OMG! You can't tell me that I'm the only one drooling over this idea.  Every pack ever made available to play on the new game. One, it would be awesome! And 2, they would make soooo much money! Someone back me up here. Let's get this ball rollin.