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    Call Of Duty:Modern Warefare | Memories | *WISH* NEW CODS WHERE REALISTIC NOT FUTURISTIC!!!

      CoD 4 is one of the best and revolutionary games ever made. This game made this type of shooter and was 10x better than any other CoD and Battlefield. There was hardly any quickscoping (it took mad skill). The maps were beautiful, the guns matched your playstyle. It was simple but outstanding. I will never play another shooter like it and it pains me to see it go dead with the newer CoD's. I guarentee you this will be better than Ghosts... Because CoD 4 had everything it was more realistic i guess now every CoD is all this future robot stuff and maps. Personally CoD 4 is the most amazing CoD ever. To all the people that played CoD 4 Before CoD WaW and MW2 im sure that there is many of you that would like to see another game like it becuase it is by far the most realistic CoD ever and honestly i went back on it today and it brought back lots of memories and it makes me so sad to see how this game has died so much becuase of modders they always find away to wreck every game andiknow there probably wont be away to ever get rid of them off CoD 4. CoD 4 Was one of the games that made many people famous (e.g) Smoky DRFT & Scooby DRFT they where some of the best ever snipers in the whole game and now i havent heard of them in several years.


      What im trying to say is i'd LOVE to see a remake of CoD 4 and have it almost identical  it probably wont happen but to see this game once again but populated with better graffix it would be AMAZING! i know some people didnt like it but the glitches spots where so cool to do i knwo they aren't ment to be in the game but to do them with youtr friends in a private match its amazing there will never be anygame that is better than CoD 4 and for that Infinity Ward had my respect since the day that Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare 4 Was realeased.


      So if ever possible id love to see a future cod that is like CoD 4 And more realistic more than Future.


      Thank you,


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