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    Possible Origins backstory (Theory)

      So today I was messing around in the BO1 intel when i saw this - http://images.wikia.com/callofduty/images/6/6c/Project_Nova_intel.jpg On the left page, it talks about the German "Wunderwaffe" program. The thing that caught my eye was number 6, which is about Die Glocke. According to the intel, a low-level Wunderwaffe research assistant, when interogated, said that Die Glocke was a "mirrored device that allowed the viewing of images from the past." He died shortly after of unknown causes.


      So, with Origins being confirmed with the original characters, it seems possible to me that the new crew somehow discovered this device and used it to view the very beginning of the zombies apocalypse, maybe to find out how to end it? Anyways, thats just my thoughts on this.


      EDIT:Also at the bottom of the page, it says that the analysis will be completed no later than August 28th... coincidence?