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    Which character deserve to be in the sequel of fall of cybertron?

      My two nominees are the Triple Changer "Astrotrain" and "The Constructicons". Astrotrain has always been one of the biggest supporters in carrying energon with his locomotive form and in helping the Decepticons retreat in his space shuttle vehical mode. The Constucticons in creating building to keep a storage of energon, to make a weapon or anything lod Megatron wants them to create. Besides being Cybertron's building crew, they combine into the mighty Devastator to stop the Autobots from messing up Megatron's plains. These two unique robots can not only help the Decepticons when they arrive to Earth, but also make great gameplay for Transformers fans. High Moon is it possible for these two Decepticons to be in the next game? Any one else have a person they want?