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    New Create a Class System

      I had this idea for a new create-a-class system. Why dont we make the gun customization separate from the rest? I've always wanted more attachments for my gun, to totally trick it out, and this system would allow for that. My idea consists of 2 primary attachments, 2 proficiencies, and 2 secondary attachments. Primary attachments are, obviously, attachments for your primary weapon. Proficiencies are things that help out your character, such as stock(stalker) or quickdraw.


      A typical loadout would look like this.


      PRIMARY- ACR 6.8

      PRIMARY ATTACHMENTS - Silencer, Red dot, Grip

      PROFICIENCIES - Stalker, 3 Attachments

      SECONDARY - M9



      Then, of course you would have your standard setup from MW3. 3 Perks, 1 lethal, 2 Tactcals. This system allows for a bit more customization, while keeping everything balanced.


      In Black Ops 2 I sacrifice hald of my pick 10 points towards my primary. (1 gun, 3 attachments, primary gunfighter) all because I want a good looking and useful primary. This gives me the option of running a secondary and an attachment, or a grenade and stun. My system allows more customizability while keeping balance.