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    Infinity Elite Gaming-As seen on, "TOP 100 Clans" and "TOP 100 BO2 Clans"



                Hey, all i’m NC Frost a member of Infinity Elite Gaming Clan, also known as IEG.  We are a great clan of all different types of members from all over the world.  We have a regular side of the clan, and a very competitive side of the clan that does clan battles, game battles, and much more.  But, as a hall we are a united clan, of great members, in a good community.  I will leave a link below to the clan website, its easy to join, you just sign up for the website, and submit a application, and then you will be a signed a mentor, who you should contact and play with.  More detail about the application and such after you sign up and apply,  when applying mention that NC Frost, sent you, it helps me, but also you can private message me and send me a friend request, and if you would like to privately ask me a question feel free to.  Website link is: http://infinityelitegamingclan.com