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    Looking for a competitive team for Black Ops 2/Ghosts (Xbox 360 only)

      Hey everyone,


      I've been playing CoD for quite a while now, and I've just started to become really interested in starting to play competitive. I would love to join/create a competitive gaming team for Black Ops 2/Ghosts with some other competitive players. My stats for Black Ops 2 aren't the greatest on paper: K/D = ~1.0, SPM = ~300. However, I mess around a lot when I am just playing with my friends. When I play competitive though, I am a skilled and strategic team player. So I would ask that if you are interested in recruiting me for a team or creating a team with me, please do not judge me based on the stats I just listed. I will tryout if necessary. I want to join a team that will do champions league as a team, and will do GB's on a regular basis. Also, I will be getting Ghosts, but only on Xbox 360, so please keep that in mind if you have an offer for me. I am a skilled team player, I know all callouts, spawns, rotations, etc... on all the competitive maps. I have a mic and communicate well with teammates. I'm 20 and I play out of the Pacific Time Zone, but I will be playing out of the Eastern Time Zone starting in September. If you have an offer for me to join or create a competitive team, please reply to this post, or message me on XBL at my gamertag: GoldEagleX12. (I'll change my gamertag if necessary). Thank you in advance for your time, and any offers you have for me.