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    The mp reveal - Questions answered and my thoughts after playing

      So as some of you may be aware if you follow me on twitter, am off to the mp reveal next week.


      So I was thinking I'm sure alot of you have questions so here's the deal.


      Post your question about mp here and any that aren't answered during the reveal I will try where possible to get an answer too. Please bear in mind there will be certain things the devs won't be able to discuss still so bear that in mind.


      I leave midday monday (gmt) so my last act before leaving will be to print off whatever questions you guys have and i'll take the sheet with me to the event and tick of questions that get answered or seen in the reveal. What ever's left I will try my hardest to get an answer too.


      If it's more of an observational question i'll try to get a few peoples views so its not just my perspective ok.


      If your question is platform specific mention that too.


      If you could just keep the replies to the questions that would be great as it will help me read through the questions faster


      I know a few of you read the forums via mobile and some have a problem posting atm if thats the case free feel to follow me on twitter @xmaccabix  and tweet me but mark the tweet #CodforumQ  and i'll add it onto here as i want to keep this on site to here.

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