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    Zombies is already over, Origins is just showing us how it began.


      I know there are already some threads on this forum covering this topic, but I feel like no one has adressed this as bluntly or directly as I'd of liked.

      So in one sentence here it is,


      The zombie storyline is over.


      People are talking and expecting another part to the story and what will happen to our new crew next but I feel as if they're done. We've already done the buried EE and saw what happened to them in the future(infinity round), and we've granted a member of Group 935 total power over the world. So yeah...The best I could think of is Marlton's watch or the time bomb rewinding us back in time to let this new map take place.  This would allow us to kill the starting crew and then ridding us of the entire storyline so that none of the EEs never happened.  I just thought this was an interested thought and would love someone to take their time to poke holes in every part of my theory and grant me that feedback.

      Fog out.