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    BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIES -DLC 5? September 10th?

      Hello everybody,

      I am starting this discussion on the basis of what I have read. Do you know Twiinsane? He was the guy that found the release dates for dlc 3 and 4 (Buried and Origins respectively) And maybe all of you know about this but it  once again, Twiinsane has found not a release date but a source code that conveys to us that there may in fact be a dlc 5! http://callofduty.digitalwarfare247.com/2013/06/dlc-5-for-black-ops-2-spotted-in -ps3-code/


      There's the link.


      As we know the previous DLCs came out on a Tuesday and according to my calendar, the Tuesdays in September are as follows: 3rd,(too close to DLC 4 release date) 10th (The time i think it could come out as it gives time for us to play the DLC before changing in for COD:Ghosts) 17th (This could happen as its around halfway through September) And finally 23rd and the 30th of September (unlikely as it will clash with COD:Ghosts which is released on the 5th of November)


      That's it - My prediction is that DLC 5 will come out on the 10th of September for BOTH Xbox and Ps3 users or else it WILL clash with ghosts.


      Your thoughts?