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    Ever BETA test a game?


      I've recently been selected to participate in a closed BETA test of a game. I've done open BETA tests before but never a closed. This seems like it'll be a lot of fun to play online with a bunch of people but at the same time a limited number. I just started the download for it so I haven't played anything yet.


      Have any of you BETA tested a game before?

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          Never. Tell us how it goes, can you tell us what genre? or the games titles?

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              It's a MOBA very similar to League of Legends. I had to swear to several documents and a sign a NDA so i can't tell you the name of the game

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                  what is a closed beta???

                  is that like a game test before the actual game has been revealed or is it like the the ghost mp reaveal where others play the game before release?

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                      It's basically a private testing that you have to be screened and selected for. The sign ups are usually unknown, the only reason I found this out was because I had a friend who happened to stumble onto the developers webpage when the announced sign ups.


                      Open BETA testing is free to the public, it's typically when the game is either beyond it's testing phase and is used to generate hype.

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                  I've taken part in the Call of Duty 4 and World at War betas, as well as Battlefield 3's alpha and beta, but I have never partook in a beta that required NDAs and other documentation.


                  The memories of the Call of Duty betas elude me. However, I noticed no change in player attitudes from the alpha to the final version in regards to Battlefield 3. There were still a vast amount of the usual threats, insults, and "your mom" references. Then there were those players who were judging the alpha as if it were the final version.


                  Your experience will more than likely differ as it is a completely different genre of game and the number and type of players participating is unknown to me.


                  Just remember - betas are for testing, not fun!

                  (OK, you can have a little fun.)

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                    G, you were selected?!?! Damn.....


                    Well, on the bright side, at least they are Beta testing with people outside the company!!!!


                    EDIT: I thought it was for Ghosts but then again, that wouldn't make sense this close to launch.