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    Innovation at last! (Trailer included)


      Finally. Thank you IW for finally bringing back some innovation to your renditions of Call of Duty. You gave us some with MW3, and I am so happy to see you've gone further in this next title.


      Destructive Environments? Check

      Customizable soldiers including female soldiers? Check

      More game modes? Check (7!)

      New gun class? Check

      New Prestige System? Check

      Specialist? CHECK

      Riley the dog as a killstreak? CHECK



      I promise myself every year I won't get over-excited. But I have to admit this trailer made me a bit giddy. What did you see or hear about that has you excited.


      **Note** Yes, I get it. It is a trailer. OK. They still have to get the game right. But there will be plenty of time for negativity once the game is released. Asking that we keep it positive as much as possible.

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