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    MP reveal recap

      will try to cover everything.


      gameplay itself is mostly unchanged, guns seem to favor instakill killspeeds(MW3 speeds), (HATE THIS, +1 BF, -1COD)

      dynamic maps +1COD

      knifing, there is a animation but the player cant seem to respond in the animation, the high gun killspeed will probly negate knifing more than animations andn lunge this time around(no change)

      C4 steroids grenades -1COD, C4 should be A mines, or B(not suggested) if useable as grenades, inferior to a grenade in ALMOST EVERY WAY. otherwise C4 is broke

      WaW rifle gunclass +1COD

      map design, seems improved to MW3, possibly BO2, but it doesnt look BO or MW2/COD4 quality

      60fps requirement confirmed for all versioins.

      create a class revamp +2 COD, IW will need to nerf certin combinations, also someone in the room thought they saw a perk called PING, if that is true i will be pissed if the game has a perk that puts lagcomp to their advantige...

      cranked premotes RnG only gameplay -1COD, support every playstile, no playstile should be a majoritiy, only way this can be good if it takes otu alot of the RnG players into there own playlist(with BO wager map redesignes).

      new killstreaks, if balanced andn implemeted will +1, specialist hurts, peroid, -1, specialist better be balanced better. nothing on proficiencies thankfully, hopefully attachments are better.

      noobtubes, hopefully BO style, usefull but no OP, do expect a increase in # do to them being usefull in dynamic maps.

      no deathstreaks +1

      new sniper mechanic, fine with, helps, just dont make QS really easy, make it HARD.