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    Why do people leave games when they're winning?

      I just dont understand this at all and it has to be the most frustrating thing to be on a team of players that do this.  I was just in a game of raid and we had really good team chemistry and we got a nice big lead with in the 1st round.  Then at the start of the 2nd round, 3 of the players leave, leaving 3 of us behind and making the game a 3 vs 6 situation to which the enemy team comes back and beats us.


      Why do they do this?  And I dont think any of them were going negative, so it cant be because of their stats going down.  So, why do they insist on leaving games they are winning? What is the logic of this?  I understand if you're losing pretty bad and you dont want to be a part of it any more, but what are they thinking when they're on the winning team? "Oh, I hate winning. I cant believe we're doing so well! I better leave before we get the victory!"