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        It's somewhat sad because it was fun going back and saving clips of some outrageous and hilarious moments, but after I save them are hardly end up rewatching the clips so it won't be a huge loss. I don't have a capture card though, so I might need to invest in one at some point, or see how the Xbox One's recording works (whenever I might be able to get one)

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          Despite that I do use theater mode alot in COD, it's not really a big deal to me.


          In terms of connectivity, it might make a positive impact on the game as the host is no longer using bandwidth to record matches so there that chance we'll experience the same connectivity we once loved in MW2.


          But it does come with it shortcomings when it comes to creating creative clips or catching and reporting boosters/cheaters to IW.

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            I say good riddance, it lags your game anyway.

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              If you think about it dedicated servers would probably help with this too, so that way it wouldn't strain the host so much (it would strain the servers but their more robust than our connections are). If only Call of Duty games would just use dedicated servers... It'd potentially fix a bunch of problems, and bring some positive attention back to the game outside of the fanbase also. But you know the haters and Battlefield fanboys would still complain and make fun of Call of Duty lol

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                Im glad it is gone. Too many people try to use this feature to do retarded things in matches instead of playing the game. It will lower the amount of people trying to showboat. And I really dont see the point of theater anyway. People just use that to upload the same kind of gameplay (QS, Trickshotting, Showboating, and just retarded crap regarless) and there is hardly any REAL gameplay to watch that could either be an entertaining match with 2 good competing teams or is helpful to anyone who wants to learn to play better.


                In regards to not having theater to show cheaters, I really dont think it matters anyway. IW never does anything about cheating anyway so there is not point. Its best to just keep sending the GT of the people involved to the XBLPET.

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                  Yeah because the broken lag compensation and host disadvantage is just an excuse used by "bad" players. Try again.

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                    With all due respect guys, some people DO use Theater Mode in creative ways, beyond reporting boosters, or going for clichéd trick shots for clichéd montages. For example, I just made a vid, to raise awareness for wounded vets called "FR33DOM FIGHT3RS." It uses theater mode in ways most people do not, telling a story while showcasing Beast Action, controlling the camera movements and capturing action that coincides with the music in ways that go beyond twixtor, sniper shot synced, lens flared, dubstep montages. The composition of every frame is composed in theater, and first person POVs are only a part of the story telling. Utilizing the Theater Mode and pushing it for all that is worth has been my specialty. And to be able to make content for a good cause is also a loss. But feel free to check either "FR33DOM FIGHT3RS," "Merked," "Tools," or "Last Call," to see what I mean. Many people consider them some of the best COD vids made. I'm humble, but it sucks that I or many people have limited options when it comes to showing off the great visual quality of Ghosts through user created content. Here's "FR33DOM FIGHT3RS," for your convenience. Enjoy & thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTIWrlQfuhg

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                      But an el gato capture card or the new xbone which has the DVR on it. We need to move along to the new system

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                        I'm glad about this.

                        I'm utterly convinced that theatre adds to lag problems in COD. Theatre started in BO1 and that's where the lag problems started. I've said this before and got shot down, even on these forums , for saying this.

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                          There are other ways to raise money for Wounded Vets, though I applaud your efforts for sure.


                          My question, I guess, would be would you sacrifice some of these features if it made the game run better? Folks made montages pretty darn well before Theater Mode, I don't see why it can't happen again.

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