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    I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

      Please follow the TOS for this website when responding to this thread. This is how I feel and what my personal thoughts are. I expect everyone to respect my thoughts just as I have respected yours. Please do not flame or turn into one of the guys I am about to talk about, thank you.



      I had a lot of fun playing Call Of Duty on the Wii, even though we never received a fully completed game. Black Ops 2 is a fun game for the most part, if you can find a lobby with good connection, the game is amazing. I appreciated Treyarch for giving us a fully HD game with all the bells and whistles, excluding DLC. My main issue with Black Ops 2, besides lag compensation is how I get treated and disrespected by male players. I have always been respected by the Veterans of the Wii community, but since a lot of guys came from the xbox and ps3, I've been dealing with perverted guys who talk pervertedly and use perverted custom emblems. The problems never get taken care of. I know this because ive seen the same guys who disrespect me along with other girls using sexually disrespecting language who still have the nasty emblems on display. I know I can chose to mute them, I do, and not look at them emblems, I try not to. It just seems like a whole lot more work I have to do just to enjoy a game that without all the extra perverted stuff in it.


      The reason why I dont plan on getting Ghosts is because there is going to be female characters. I can only imagine there being more problems because of all the perverted guys out there. Ive played other games before Call Of Duty that have used girl characters in it and I ended up quitting because of the way we were mistreated and abused. I know there is a report button, but there is nobody watching what is going on or even fixing the situation.


      From what I have seen from the reveal and heard from friends, I must say that I am disappointed and concerned of what may happen.


      I hope Treyarch wont make the same mistake as Infinty Ward in their next game and actually protect girl gamers from being harassed.


      if you've read this far, good, now I'm going to ask you a question: How do you guys feel about guys who harass female gamers with perverted language and emblems? The only time I play now is when I game with King at night, so he can defend my honor. I know there is not much King can do, but he does try to make them realize the way they are acting.


      Thank you for reading and I hope you understand where I'm coming from as a Girl Gamer.



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          1. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

          Fem Vet here, OP generally online most male gamers have been rather rude to me too, mute button is key to success, and I always report degrading emblems too, but it is not enough to make me leave out one of the best steps 'for' equality in years, sad to see you go.

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            2. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

            ... id say play BO(for some reason most of the girl gamers play BO over other versions) or get BF4(PC version). as for perverts, you will find them in any community, but its ruffly 1 emblem/major problem in every 3rd/4rth lobby.


            i expect the women character to be abused alot in ghosts too, just mute/tune out, andn if needed, report thta section of the community.

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              3. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

              Im not gone yet, I'm still apart of this community. I just dont plan on getting Ghosts. However, if girl characters are going to become a regular thing, I may retire for good, or just stick to the older Call Of Duty games.


              It's funny you say "equality" as if we ever get it, girls get bashed more than baseballs in a batting cage.


              Here is an example of what I fear is going to happen:


              Ricarli15 wrote:


              Its probably gonna be linked to your miis. If it is for the Wii U, then i might be tempted to make another account


              XxFALLENxX wrote:


              I know Husky wants to have women characters just to look down upon her chest, and he has said this on many occasions.



              This has NO place in a Call Of Duty game nor should be it even related to its gameplay whatsoever. In real life combat, females soldiers are geared up the same way as guys are and you cant tell what gender they are apart from the head. I hope that if the female soldiers are implemented in Ghosts, they are done in a tasteful manner and not whored out so I can recieve more disrespect.


              I know a lot of girl gamers actually dont care either way, and I do know that guys create fake accounts to pretend to be girls, which ends up a problem.


              I never heard of you before, and this is your first post on these forums...but thank you for seeing my point of view.

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                4. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

                I understand that there is a report button, but after the first few months the reports will fall on deaf ears and the pervs will rise. As I said, I do mute and I do report emblems/language but its tiring especially when I'm in the middle of a firefight and having to hear what I have to hear from guys who just joined the lobby. Thank you for your suggestion, I may just stick to Black Ops 2 and the other previous Call Of Duty titles until Treyarchs next game comes out.

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                  5. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

                  What if Ghost's reporting system is better than BO2?


                  This is a game on a Nintendo platform. I would say write a letter to Nintendo, speak with a costumer rep , write a post on Miiverse BO2 page, etc. try to make some noise and see if more ppl join you. Nintendo will likely want to keep their family friendly status and probably would make a couple of pone calls to Activision...since COD accounts are linked to Nintendo IDs I see no difficult for Nintendo to start banning accounts by themselves if 3arc creates small program that reports from Ghosts to Nintendo (making life easier for them and making Nintendo do all the hard work).


                  There are gaming sites like Kotaku,com that may be gladly to post a letter from ppl who have a valid complaint like yours. This issue is probably very common and must be addressed.


                  However, sometimes I can't stop but think that you need to boost your psyche and find mental blocks against problems like this. At least cyber bullying is easier to fix than any other thing,s (I know cause my younger brother was bullied, it took us some time to teach them mental techniques and now he gives a **** about that and he's much happier) simple use the mute button and don't look at the creepy stuff. I don't do it, and also I'm old enough to not give a **** (although I'm male but my avatar shows that I'm latino and sometime uneducated kids would call me Mexican and all the prejudices that comes with that).


                  And one more thing, if you leave, they win!

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                    6. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

                    I don't see why having female characters is going to make things worse. Idiots are gonna be idiots either way.

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                      7. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

                      Very well said.


                      I've been in a good few lobbies where an obvious female gamer has become a target, sometimes by the entire lobby.  It shocked the hell out of me to hear the things that were said.  It also didn't end there - during a match there were a couple who were on the same team as her and were following her around and doing all sorts of obscene things.  I won't go into specifics but they were doing things like acting out "****".


                      Younger females seem to be equally targetted, something I consider to be extremely disturbing.


                      I had a fleeting thought of some of the crap that might manifest itself with the introduction of female avatars.  I think you only need to read some of the comments on articles about the reveal to know that it could be a problem.


                      Call of Duty isn't a dating service and the sort of behaviour mentioned above isn't acceptable in the real world.  The introduction of female avatars could be viewed as aknowledgement of the steady increase of female gamers.  You have "report" features in place for boosting, cheating, etc.  It would be common sense to introduce a "report" feature that would cover harassment and any other types of abuse of this nature.


                      Hopefully the designers/developers had the presence of mind to introduce new protocols along with the new avatars.

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                        8. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

                        Thank you so much for your suggestion!!! I have always posted my thoughts and concerns on this forum, but never thought of actually going to Nintendo or anywhere else for help on this issue. You are the first person to make this suggestion to me.I will talk to a Nintendo representative tomorrow and I will also be making a post on miiverse in hopes of getting heard out. =)


                        Im just fed up with it. Muting people can only do so much. It becomes annoying and its not needed. People need to act their age. Just because people are online, behind a mic and a keyboard, they think they can do whatever they want...wether it hurts somebody or not. I, personally, feel that this stuff shouldnt be associated with the game. =\ I take a lot of this personally. I try not to, but it does bother me a lot. Luckily there are some guys who defend me.


                        Thank you again for your suggestions and for your positive feedback. It means a lot to me and I am sure it will mean a lot to other girl gamers who care about how they get treated. =)

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                          9. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

                          im proud of you babe!


                          Elite Queen takes a stand for what she believes in, and i support her.


                          i also want to say thank you to SH*TBLOCK and Huggy for helping me stick up for Queen


                          it means a lot to me that you guys fight the good fight along with me.

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