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    Probation for dashboarding from cheaters game

      It's not fair I get a probation for dashboarding a cheaters lobby, in demolition game mode most games it's Nuketown and it's full of spawn cheaters I get killed the very second I spawn and get banned for quitting


      so do I just sit there get killed 200 times and trash my stats because of cheaters


      I know some may not consider this cheating but if you don't even have a chance to move or shoot a single bullet it just makes me never want to play again.


      I love FPS and play alot of others like Killzone 2/3 Crysis 2/3 and you never see stuff like this happen, I do enjoy TDM but I think BO2 was my first and last ever CoD game.


      and no im not a crying noob, im 6th prestige with 1.51 kdr