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    So how about a Beta Infinity Ward?


      I am a long time COD player and have been through every Multiplayer that has been in this series. Got pretty excitied at what i saw yesterday during the reveal. Then i got to thinking a little, watching some of the live MP from the event again. Got me thinking on a few things and wondering at just how good this game is going to be.


      Some of the standouts that i was seeing were things like the Time to kill, 2 shot to the knee SMG kills, off target hit markers and kills. Things of that nature. What worried me even more was this was happening on a LAN event with no online connections as i am aware.


      Now i am not saying this game is going to be bad in any way shape or form. It could very well be the best COD of all time. Or it could become a lag infested, rage induced Black ops 2.5 and we all know the community does not want to go there.


      So here is my plea, Give us a proper 10 day beta. lets see if we can possibly solve any issues before they arise online. It will give the devs time to tweak and test on a large scale. Imo COD 4 and World at war were better games for there time because of the beta's the had. Same went for BF3.