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      Couldn't see it on the game list when i paused the reveal......have they deleted it?

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          Re: Headquarters?

          If they are adding 7 new game modes, they definitely have to delete some in order to not horribly fracture the playerbase. Its easy to see HQ, CTF, Sabotage, and Demo getting cut. Wouldn't expect to see Team Defender either. TDM, KC, DOM, S&D will likely be the only holdovers.

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              Re: Headquarters?

              I think CTF will stay and if they implement Hardpoint there is no reason to keep Headquarters.










              Cranked(new and revealed)

              Infected(probably similar to MW3)



              I hope they atleast bring back CTF unless it is being replaced by Blitz.

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                  Re: Headquarters?

                  CTF has been dead since BO1, its popularity has become a wishful illusion, no reason to keep it. I doubt Hardpoint is included, I dont think any of Treyarch's game modes warrant a return.

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                      Re: Headquarters?

                      The only reason why I think CTF should stay is because it was a competitive gamemode. 

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                          Re: Headquarters?

                          CTF was popular in black ops 1 but since then its gone downhill, the reason why none of my friends play it anymore is because of how short the games or now, 5 minutes each way, plus the constant spawn trapping that seems to happen on it now and getting hold of the flag and just trying to kill whore to get the extra points for killstreaks etc


                          Why would someone capture it for 250pts when they could camp in corner with their chronies around them to protect them and get 10 or kills for 125pts each?


                          I agree with the objective points to an extent in BO2 but certain things like the above mentioned have helped in the demise of certain modes

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                        Re: Headquarters?

                        Well, if that's a "definitive" list of gamemodes than that might be my #1 reason to skip this game.


                        In BO we used to run a server that ran a mix of HQ, S&D, CTF, Demo and Sabotage. If all these modes are missing now I don't see what the game would offer.

                        I'm certainly not keen to see fifty variants of TDM (meaning something that has no clear objective and doesn't require a team-based playstyle).

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                        Re: Headquarters?

                        Oh plop.....HQ has been my fav game in all COD's (that i've played)......oh well, at least i won't have to worry about players not PTFO anymore, i'll have to explode my load in cranked instead......goodbye my beloved HQ, boohoo

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